Should Hugo Chavez focus on the private sector more than social spending: Would privatization help Hugo Chavez to solve food problem?

  • The private sector could create funds.

    Social spending is important, but there needs to be more focus on the private sector because it creates funds. These funds cam be taxed and distributed to citizens. The more funds the private sector brings in, the more funds there will be to help solve the food problem of citizens.

  • Yes, Chavez Should Let The Free-Market Do It's Job

    Government is almost always a poor solution to a problem of supply and demand. A command economy is unable to address all the variables in an economy, such as: (1) Who is best able to produce a good (It's the one who is successful)? (2) What should be produced (It's what people are willing to buy.)? (3) how much should stuff cost (It's what the market will bear)?

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