• Yes, but they won't.

    Yes, Huma Abedin should divorce Anthony Weiner, because Anthony Weiner is a disgrace to politics. It is a good thing that he lost the mayor's race, because he has no ethics. Huma Abedin is only staying married to Anthony Weiner for political purposes. He is unfaithful, and a bad politician. She would be better off without him.

  • Anthony Weiner is in the hotseat, but a wife should be as supportive as possible in a husband's difficult time

    Anthony Weiner has proven to be quite incompetent these pass few months due to his drug scandal as well as his outbursts to the media. However Huma Abedin is still married to him and shouldn't base her decisions solely on how embarrased she is to be near him on TV. If this situation has solely affected their relationship because of the lies and deceit in their marriage, then perhaps she should make her own personal judgement call.

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