• We cant evade another animals territory cause it's interesting

    Because it's wrong and a crocodile might get some ideas and think you are food. People should watch from a far away distance so they are safe and not trying to pet them or any dumb things like that. So please make that area restricted so people don't get hurt.

  • We need to stop invading every natural area.

    Crocodiles have a right to live in their areas. We keep trying to settle into their areas and then kill the creatures when they try to stay in their homes. It's wrong. We need to keep people out of these areas and let nature survive. We can't keep killing nature and expect to make something of ourselves.

  • protect humans from crocodile attacks

    It makes sense to restrict human access to areas that are known to be infested with crocodiles. Humans are by their nature curious and thrill seeking people will try to seek out places that are dangerous and populated with crocodiles. Restricting human access to these places would help to prevent cases of accident and death by crocodile attack.

  • There are a lot of crocodiles

    No. Then where are you going to hide all the bodies? Hee hee. 37 more words? Wow I don't know if I am able to type thirty seven more words. That seems like an awful lot of words to type. Maybe I can do it. Yup i think i can

  • Personal Responsibility a Must in Crocodile Infested Areas

    I do not believe in restricting access to potentially dangerous areas. I am a strong believer of personal responsibility, which includes taking risk. If a person wants to venture into an area where crocodiles live they should have a right to do so. I do, however, feel it is appropriate to notify the public of the dangers and the possibility of bodily harm or death in areas with known infestation problems.

  • No, I don't think they should.

    Unless the humans entering the crocodile infested areas are doing something to actually harm the crocodiles, then no, I don't believe access should be restricted. I think that if people want to risk their lives by going near there then they should be allowed to do so. I am against most laws protecting people from themselves.

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