Should human beings be allowed to use animals as objects of sports and entertainment?

  • Think about this

    Have you heard about the greyhound facility a huge percent was put down i do not believe in betting or animal cruelty but you have to wonder is it better to live life out then settle down or shut the games down make people lose their jobs and hundreds of animals be put down
    I am not disagreeing with anyone this came up and wouldn't leave me a lone

  • Animals are great

    You can usethem for ptofit or just fo fun and if they break there leg they can put it in a cast so it can heal so that animal can go back to training for ther next race or if its a male they can become studs to make famous kids.

  • Yes they should.

    Human beings should be allowed to use animals as objects of sports and entertainment. Most people do not realize that they are using their pets as a form of entertainment at one time or another. When you play fetch with your dog, that is the same thing as teaching a dolphin to jump through a hoop.

  • Yes, there is no harm.

    Yes, human beings should be allowed to use animals as objects of sports and entertainment, because people enjoy it, and there is little harm to the animals. An animal isn't hurt when it is taught to do a trick. There is no reason not to allow it, as long as people make sure that the animals are not hurt.

  • Animals Are Already Used for Entertainment

    Animals are already used as objects of sports and entertainments. Human beings should be allowed to use animals are objects of sports and entertainment so long as the decisions and actions are ethical and moral and are not harmful for the animals. Horse racing and cats and dogs as stars of television shows is acceptable, while dog and cock fighting is not appropriate because the animals are harmed.

  • Animals have their own rights

    Animals are being treated very harshly. Every animal has a right in this world, people are exceeding their limits, earth is a finite place With finite resources but what are humans doing for the future generation ??? #animalsareequal. Animals havent harmed us so why harm them. Equality !!! Rights !!!

  • No, there need to be guidelines when animals are used for entertainment.

    I don't believe in some sort of animal entertainment, such as cockfighting and with pit bulls. Both of these are abusive. However, there are also entertaining and humane ways to use animals, such as in the various sports "bowl" events that are held with animals such as puppies. In some cases, it can be okay, but people need to hold the events in such a way that the animals are treated well, and that it's as fun for the animals as it is for the people observing.

  • No, humans should not be allowed to use animals as objects of sports and entertainment.

    Humans should not be allowed to have more rights then animals. We all inhabit this world and we should have equally similar rights. I think it would be borderline animal cruelty if we were going to allow animals to be used as an object of sports and entertainment in the world.

  • Animals are just as live as we are.

    Animals are just as live as humans are. Animals have feelings like us, they get hurt and emotional just like we do. Therefore animals need their own envoinment, we need to let them enjoy their own life. It okay to give them better life life for example dogs, like some people that really take cares of their pets better then their kids.

  • It is cruel

    Animals should not be used for sport or entertainment such as hunting racing bull fighting and circuses as it is very cruel and inhumane. We only pick on animals because they can't talk or fight back. What have animals ever done to us for us to hurt and kill them

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