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  • It is not wrong to question those in authority or those who have superior knowledge on a subject.

    It is not wrong to question authority, But I think it should be done with grace and respect, And backed up by a polite, Logical argument. Authority is required in a hierarchy of employees, The military, Government, And the household between parents and their children, But there is a difference between flaunting authority and correcting those who step out of line.

    An example is a physician talking to a care aide on the phone. The physician sees a patient the care aide is assigned to care for. The care aide calls and questions if the physician gave their patient the correct medication. The physician becomes irritated and tells the care aide they have no right to question him. The care aide apologizes, Sensing hostility. After the phone call, The care aide is left resentful and intimidated.

    The correct way to handle the situation-
    The care aide calls and questions if the physician gave their patient the correct medication. The physician knows the care aide might be ignorant of all the details, And calmly explains what happened with the patient, What medication he gave, Why he gave that particular medication, And how it pertains to the standard expected of him. He helps both of them come to a mutual understanding, And the argument may be resolved. If the physician proves he gave the right medication through explaining his actions regarding the patient, He has defended his practice and maintained good relations on the phone. If the physician is wrong and gave the incorrect medication, He should humbly admit to it and seek to correct the error.

    While authority exists and is necessary in life, It is never wrong to question authority. Doing so can help people gain mutual understanding, Confirm something, Keep people honest, And explore new ways of handling something. However, Authority is important to prevent people from stepping out of line. If the care aide on the phone was incredibly rude to the physician and outright said the physician was wrong to give that particular medication, They are out of line, Because the care aide was not using polite logical reasoning, And won't give the physician a chance to explain their actions. So there is a difference between questioning authority and stepping out of line. One should question authority if they feel such is necessary, But they should be careful not to discredit themselves by disrespecting those in authority. Respecting those in authority while questioning them is important. Even if those with authority over you are rude, Disrespect you, Or don't appreciate being questioned, Your respectful attitude will make you the better person with maturity. And if all else fails, You can agree to disagree. You can't control how others respond to you, But you can control how you respond to others.

  • Past reasoning obsolete

    Authority can't be permanent and it needs redefinition every 5 years to catch up with the developments in the present world. It's an ongoing process of learn -> define -> follow -> learn -> define. It's a circle. The moment we think authority is written on stone, That means we are frozen in time. Whoever thinks the authority is written in stone can't be an intellectual that can weigh possibilities with their OWN reasoning and are dependent on an authority to guide them.

  • Authority figures are human beings too

    People in authority are still people and therefore are fallible and self-interested. People need to question those above so they don't make mistakes that ruin our lives or exploit us for their own benefit. If an authority figure gives in order that is immoral disobey it and if an authority cannot be logically justified dismantle it.


    Authority figures are human and prone to the same foibles as everybody else and many laws and rules are fairly arbitrary and should always be challenged. Our country has flourished specifically because of our aversion to following orders and question everything. Our greatest inventors challenge conventional wisdom and prove everybody wrong. Without this fearlessness we would not be the greatest civilization in history.

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  • Ask the basis for a request

    Asking the basis for a request is important. As long as one is not disrespectful or showing obstinacy, Our questions may be for reasons to understand a person's intent, For clarification, Or learning a lesson. A wise person desires to gain or develop wisdom through his or her questions; a foolish person often desires to demonstrate their rebellious attitude, Ignorance or ability to defy an authority figure. The result of our actions will be revealed according to its consequences, Which are not immediately or always apparent at the present time.

  • Of course we should!

    There is a beautiful saying that defends the action of questioning authority. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely. " If people turned a blind eye to everything those in authority were doing, We would not be nearly as advanced a society as we are to this day. One could speculate wars would ravage the world, And the little people would be nothing more than slaves.

  • Yes, Of course!

    We can't just blindly follow our leaders or other people in authority. We shouldn't pretend they are gods that do no wrong and would never lead us astray! We have to think for ourselves and if they do something wrong, We must protest and fight it! If not us, Then who?

  • Authority is made to be Questioned

    Leaders are made to be challenged. If we follow one leader blindly then we are most likely to feed his ego. And he/she will think that we must follow his every actions. Always challenge the leader. If he can't defend his cause then he doesn't deserve to be the leader.

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  • Authority figures are always right.

    Authority should never be questioned. If authority was supposed to be questionable, It wouldn't be called authority. If an authority figure would ever be wrong, Their authority makes them right. If an authority figure gives an order, It should be obeyed without question because people do not have the right to question the authority of those who are better than them. Questioning authority used to be a capital crime in some countries for very good reason; it's every person's duty to respect and follow the judgments of the authority that grants them the privilege of independent life. Questioning that authority is treason, And traitors must be executed to preserve the rest of the population's good sense in deferring to authority in all things.

  • Trump knows what to do

    So my nigga trump is like a total god at running this country. The man is a master and artist of the deal. If you dare to question him or his people you are an Islam loving nigger faggot. If you disagree you like stupid Mexicans stealing all our jobs. Try again libtard.

  • I donno we should not

    Whether authority should be questioned depends on the reason for the authority in the first place. It would not be helpful for children to reject the concept of going to school because they are sent by one authority figure, their parents, to another, their teachers. In this situation it is all very well to have smaller questions but questioning whether you should go to school is not helpful. Similarly do we want an army that questions all its orders? Probably not as it leads to problems with dicipline and armies run by their soldiers would probably not be very effective. Most authority figures need to be questioned but not always by those who they have authority over. Essentially if we are to question every authority figure then in some cases they lose that authority which may or may not be a good thing.

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