Should human beings question authority (yes) or follow it (no)?

  • Yes, Of course!

    We can't just blindly follow our leaders or other people in authority. We shouldn't pretend they are gods that do no wrong and would never lead us astray! We have to think for ourselves and if they do something wrong, We must protest and fight it! If not us, Then who?

  • Authority is made to be Questioned

    Leaders are made to be challenged. If we follow one leader blindly then we are most likely to feed his ego. And he/she will think that we must follow his every actions. Always challenge the leader. If he can't defend his cause then he doesn't deserve to be the leader.

  • Humans should be able to question authority especially if it goes against their beliefs and morals.

    If there is wrong in the world and nobody does anything, or questions it, then what is the point of trying to do good? If someone is attacking you because you believe something different, even though they are in charge, it is okay to call it out and not follow.

  • Authority should always be questioned.

    Authority should always be questioned. If not able to answer for its actions and reasoning that's not authority but penalty free ride.
    It is as high as responsibilities go so not only questionable but responsible for all that provess to be out of line.
    And if possible local authority must have now power than remote one.

  • Power is power, regardless of who is holding it, and inherently must be questioned.

    As of writing this, it seems safe to say that the biggest issues we face in our society today are things like racism, sexism, religious extremism, xenophobia, homophobia, and general intolerance. All of these problems have common roots, and that is a lack of societal change, and a fear of the new society. To more accurately see why societal change is important, however, and why authority must be questioned in order to solve modern society's biggest problems, we need to look at society over a longer period of time than just the last few decades that we often concern ourselves with.
    Society and all of its facets, including the concepts of law, hierarchy, and authority, have been developed over thousands of years by humans seeking a more safe and just environment. It is safe to say that human social structure has evolved for the same reason that thousands of years earlier, our proto-human ancestors began walking on two feet. Human society allows every individual to be more productive, by allowing us to specialize and trade, and thus brought many people together to ensure the society's survival. These systems were built, however, off of fair and just interactions, which many people found quite early on that they could exploit for their own personal gain. Enter laws and power. Someone needed to make sure that these people were not permitted to rampage unchecked throughout the city. That someone would be an authority figure, someone who would be in charge of bringing criminals to justice. The problem with this system is that these authority figures now held all power, and could exploit the ideals of society themselves. Here is where questioning of authority comes in in it's most obvious form. Enough people questioned the leadership of the kings and queens and dictators they were paying taxes to that one of the most important advances in society was able to be created: democracy. No species would evolve new features or behaviors if there was no change in their environment, and similarly society cannot become more equal and just unless every aspect of it is questioned. Remember that questioning authority does not mean breaking it down. It means recognizing its problems and rectifying them in any way possible. Societal progress can only be achieved by those who are willing to seek out what is wrong with that which all others feel in their gut is right, and by those willing to both change and be changed, neither swaying to power nor denying reason.

  • Why would you?

    If you were given the chance to ask every question imaginable and all the right people listened wouldn't you? It doesn't make sense to follow blindly follow orders from people that's why we are taught about the government and all of its functions so we know what it runs under and how it should be running at all times. Also aren't Teens always testing boundaries who says we should ever stop that? Yes authority should be question to ensure that it is running efficiently for all people and to be certain that it isn't corrupt. That"s all i have to say on this topic but there are also many other factors i may not have mentioned.

  • Think for yourself

    We must question what we do rather than blindly follow a leader. Rebelling against authority is not a vice, it's a strength. Challenging authority proves that we are capable of making our own judgments. While authority figures are necessary to ensure order, sometimes it is imperative to rebel against them for the right reasons.

  • Humans should question authority

    It is my opinion that human beings should question authority. I feel that no governing authority should ever have absolute control over any group of people, and that questioning authority is a vital aspect in the movement for change. If people never questioned authority than there would not be much social, political, or environmental change in this world.

  • Yes, I believe humans should always question authority.

    I don't believe that humans should blindly follow authority figures, I believe there needs to be a justification for following what the authority figure has said and if there is not one I think the authority figure should be questioned on why they are ordering people to follow that command.

  • Yes, we should question it.

    As Nazi Germany proved not too many decades ago, it is never wise for human beings to mindlessly follow those in authority if they want to keep their humanity and their integrity. We should question our leaders and try to have the courage to do something different if that seems warranted.

  • Trump knows what to do

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  • I donno we should not

    Whether authority should be questioned depends on the reason for the authority in the first place. It would not be helpful for children to reject the concept of going to school because they are sent by one authority figure, their parents, to another, their teachers. In this situation it is all very well to have smaller questions but questioning whether you should go to school is not helpful. Similarly do we want an army that questions all its orders? Probably not as it leads to problems with dicipline and armies run by their soldiers would probably not be very effective. Most authority figures need to be questioned but not always by those who they have authority over. Essentially if we are to question every authority figure then in some cases they lose that authority which may or may not be a good thing.

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