Should human bodies be used (instead of buried or cremated)?

Asked by: skynnbon3s
  • It's A Better Use

    If you are dead you do not need it anyways so why not donate it? I don't think it should be a legal requirement but the answer to this question is undoubtedly "yes". Some of the questions in the No column seem to be confusing this with a legal question.

  • It is a last contribution.

    I think dead bodies should be used for medical development as much as possible. Of course, people should have a right to decline to have their body used for medical studies. However, people should think about giving their dead body for contributing to medical studies at least once, because it is a last contribution to other people.

  • They already are

    People donate their bodies to science after they die and sign up to be organ donors all the time, and since they are consenting to it why shouldnt human bodies be used? Hell one human body has enough good parts and organs to it to help up to I think about 40 different people (I heard that from somewhere, not sure if its true) but the fact is that human bodies are useful to the rest of the living, and people already give consent for their bodies to be used after they die, so why not?

  • I can't see why not.

    It's not like I'll be needing my body after I die. If anything I'd feel better knowing that I'll be of some use after I pass away rather than simply occupying space at a graveyard. Besides, when I cherish the memory of a deceased loved one I do not cherish their body. I remember and pay my respects towards who they were, our memories together and their lasting impression on me. Once a person passes on their body is little more than an empty birdcage. Of course you loved the bird, but the cage serves no purpose when nothing is kept in it.

  • The human body is a valuable resource

    The human body is a incredibly unique organism. To waste such a unique thing seems foolish and horrible, especially when you consider that there are over 100 000 people waiting for an organ donation in America alone, and that everyday an estimated 16 of these people will die on that list. If everyone who died donated their body to be fully utilized in whatever way would most assist people at that time, then most, if not all, these lives could be saved. Also the wastefulness of funerals and cremations is also a factor, they are financially straining for the families, take up a huge amount of space (around 7 million acres of cemeteries in America) and ultimately accomplish nothing, would it not be better for everyone if these bodies were used to save lives? Another factor to consider is the use of human cadavers for medical research or other forms of research. For around two thousand years, human bodies have been used to find cures, or better understanding of numerous diseases. Also it has been human bodies that have resulted in the increased safety you see in modern vehicles, an estimated 8, 500 people have been saved on roads in the last year thanks to cadavers.
    It is a practical, neigh, unavoidably necessary for man kind to stop pointless rituals that do nothing in the way of assisting the betterment of our world, and give the ultimate gift.
    Human cadaver use should be compulsory, because without it, we would have far less of the understanding, safety and lives, we pride ourselves on.

  • No, people should still have some control over their bodies after death.

    Human bodies should not be used unless instructed to by the owner before death or the person in charge over the body after death. The only way that a body of the dead should be used in my opinion, is only with permission on a signed contract agreement. Really i think that may be a form of invasion of privacy. or even violation of human rights. Everyone should have a "say-so" over their body and their belongings, just like in a will. You can state what goes where, so after death you should be able to choose how you want your remains to be.

  • Depends on if the person consents.

    Not necessarily, it should be someone's right to decide what they want done with THEIR body once they die. What if the person is religious, you are denying them the right to freedom of religious by not allowing them to have a burial ceremony or cremation. The notion that we should be denied our freedoms for 'humanitarian' actions is absurd.

  • Only with personal consent

    The government has absolutely no right, whatsoever to tell me what I will do with my body after I die. To even suggest that is the case is absolutely absurd. If a person wants to donate their body to science after the die, then so be it, that's their own personal choice. But it should under no circumstances be compulsory.

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