• Of course they should be allowed.

    At least for the sake of doing it once. Just like the atom bomb: was used once and it has benefited us all greatly. :)
    We should make farms with humans for harvesting their organs, although the humans raised in the farms should be less conscious than what is today considered retarded. They'd need to be engineered to be as stupid as chicken or even better to appear in a vegetative state because we all know appearances are much more important to most people than the actual truth/facts, therefore a human in a coma that's about to die is less shocking than one that roams around like an animal in cage.
    I see no ethical issue as they're not quite human (having the brains of a chicken or even not being truly alive if in vegetative state), they'd be no more than biological matter, animated by biological processes.
    I'm pretty sure most will disagree with me and it's no surprise for me. I look around and I see mostly people looking to the past and constantly appealing to dogma, superstitions, archaic moral values and other "virtues".

  • Cloning does not mean copying entire human being!

    Just imagine, a person needing a heart transplant has to wait in a list for years not knowing if he would still be alive by the time he gets it, can just take samples from his bone marrow and muscle tissue and take it to a lab and wait 6 weeks and he has a fresh heart made from only material in his body. Its a win win situation. But many who don't know the facts tend to think of it as cruel and unearthly.

    Al lot of people who tend to be against cloning haven't really gone to college and realized what its really about. Instead, the majority of people who get information are from news channels like CNN or Fox, who only tell half the facts of Cloning, not what it really does and how it is done. Many people instead jump to conclusions and deliberate them selves what cloning is and how it is done with out even knowing the facts. All they picture in their mind is a evil scientist connecting body parts together and giving life to it be electricity. Thats not at all true.

    Cloning is not creating instant living things within a few minutes. For example, a human who is being cloned will first be in a test tube and the doctor will change the chromosome to what they want it to be and then they will insert the new genetic material into a females body and just like a regular birth, wait nine months and you have a fresh new baby that is born like a regular child, which it is a regular living child.

    So you see, not everyone has the same perception as everyone else. If only there wasn't so much propaganda floating around about this subject that people could read and educate from to have all the facts and make this hot topic not so hot. Fortunately there is a place, and that is called college. But yet, many people decide not to go to college and learn, and those persons are generally the ones opposed to this subject.

  • It helps to provide organs for the patients

    Patients who do not have donors can use a clone so that it can provide the organs for the patient. The clone can be used to provide many things like cells, heart, brain eg. It can also be used to be a child for infertile parents so that the child has similar dna.

  • It would help in war

    Say your brother got shipped off to war then died. You would feel bad about it wouldn't you. Now say that instead of your brother dying it was only on of his clones that he generously donated to the war effort. That would help you and many other people stay safe during a war.

  • Once approved by the FDA for safety

    It should be approved by the FDA for safety first, but once that happens it should be allowed. There are issues with that from animal testing of cloning. But once it's made safe it's really just like test tube babies. No, the person is not exactly like you they start as a baby and their environment will be different. I don't see what the big deal is. If someone wants to use this to have a baby, go ahead.

  • It could change war

    Think about if there was a war going on and many normal people were dying. Why not have clones that were breaded for war go and fight for us, so not very many normal people would die just clones. It would save many normal people's lifes that get to go home to there familys

  • It would help in all medical fields

    What if someone needs a kidney transplant they will have to suffer for years on a list. This is not fair when they could clone a kidney and grow it in a lab. Many people could be saved with this technique we are not helping people we are also killing people when they could be saved.

  • The ones that wanted children.

    If a woman can't give birth to children, she can clone one instead. That way, she can have a child. Also, if your brother died, you can clone him, and your brother's back! ! ! :) you can also do it with husband, sister, mother, father... Cloning totally helps out human race

  • Put your ethics second.

    Many people talk about cloning in a very ethical and moral sense instead of taking time to weigh the pros with the cons. Cloning of body parts could save lives, but why should an entire human beings be cloned? I think that as science progresses we will eventually find a purpose for cloning humans as a whole. But, after these clones are made are they seen as citizens or nothing more than a lab rat. I believe that someday there will be a purpose for human cloning which is why I am pro, but I also do not think the world is quite ready....

  • Yes its great af

    Cloning is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very cool.

  • Human Cloning should never be allowed.

    When you clone a human being, you take their heart. When you do that, you kill them. So when you clone someone you kill the real them to make more of them. Therefore, it is a bad thing that should not be allowed. All you are doing is killing (murdering) the really one to make similar ones.

  • No with the issues we have in today's world.

    If you have ever seen the movie the Island, it shows you a very possible future for cloning. Where the rich can grow parts to live even longer and the poor, well we are all just SOL. I do not think it would be beneficial for humanity until we start doing deep space exploration, colonizing of other planets. We are already heading for an over population of this planet, no need to start making people off an Assembly line.

    For me, it is not practical for us to stat cloning humans until we start reaching out to other worlds so we will have room for them. Remember, more people, the more land, food, waste, etc. That will be consumed daily. So until we either start sending people out into space, or we have a global disaster that wipes out a large set of the population, I say no.

  • No Way Jose

    Human cloning should be banned and never allowed. Science and man are messing with mother nature. There is not enough known about this. Who knows what long term affects there are with human cloning. Thousands of different types of diseases or illnesses can occur down the road. Tax payer dollars are being wasted on something like this, if it ever were to happen.

  • No it shouldn't

    Every person on this planet is meant to be individual. You would strip humanities' greatest thing INDIVIDUALITY. Why would any one want to take that away? How do you think that Einstein clone would feel. Being probably absolutely CRAP at physics compared to his clone and only living half of his age? There is a movie of this thing a person was going to shoot the clone but ended up shooting the real one! Cloning would be our worst discovery yet. What's the point making someone just like you but probably have a completely different mind. Is this cloning project only for the president or famous people to clone when they have lazy days? How do you think the clone would feel about that? Being used as a lazy day replacement. I know this is pessimistic but so what? This is what's going to happen, criminals can get away killing someone and then cloning them to get a clean get away!!!! SO THINK PEOPLE SO THINGS ARE JUST NOT MADE TO DO EVEN IF WE CAN DO IT IT S NOT NATURE'S WAY!!!!!!!

  • The human race shouldnt be messed with

    Although cloning could be used for the better, it could also be used for the worse, terrorists, murders etc could be cloned if it gets in the wrong hands. People and born and die when they do for a reason. Who konws what a clone could be like aswell... Do they have feelings? Are they the same as 'non-clones'??

  • No, it would be unethical.

    Just because science has the ability to do something, doesn't mean it should be done. Human cloning would present all sorts of medical ethics problems, the likes of which we can't even fully imagine at this point. Medicine currently is held to ethical standards, and allowing human cloning would go against those standards.

  • Creates more problems than solves

    There are advantages. You could grow a clone to act as an organ donor. You could use cloning technology to learn how to recreate cells and replace damaged ones. They could be used as lab rats. This technology could give children to couples who can’t have any.
    BUT there are also disadvantages. DNA could be sold on the black market to from donors to people that want to make a clone of themselves or someone else. Clones won’t be seen as equals, they’re not human so they won’t have any rights. There would be possible psychological harms to family and society.

  • Cloning humans shouldn't be allowed

    I don't think humans should be cloned because if people are always getting cloned, eventually there won't be enough space for them on the planet. Also, people that are cloned will have the same personality as their clone and so not everyone will be different and unique. Many people believe that
    God gave us life, so isn't scientifically creating new life trying to act as God and take His place?

  • What will it do for us?

    Cloning will serve no purpose. If we start cloning, we will use the clones for solving problems. We may argue we can do what we want to a clone because it's just a clone, but if it's like the person it was cloned from, it will have emotions. This is just as bad as doing human research on a person. We have other things to do research on, so why clones?

  • For some people it would save their lives, but for others, they would use cloning to bring back the dead.

    Yes, cloning can save peoples lives. For example if they have a failing kidney, they can make a replica of her/his kidney. But for other people, they would use it to bring back a dead dog or to have another son or daughter. Cloning takes away the whole meaning of being human, Giving birth. Cloning makes/treats a person like an experiment. Imagine in the future having to tell your son or daughter their a clone. That's why they look like everyone else does. You didn't really have them. Imagine how that would feel.

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