• It would be easy to manipulate

    If we were allowed to kill for mercy any murderer could just say "oh,he asked me to kill him because he hate's his family" and could easily get away with murder and if you had a grandma with a lot of money you could just blackmail her,tell her she's a burden on the family and taking care of her or visiting her is wasting all of your time and money if she sign's a piece of paper you kill her, get her money and go on a holiday.So easy to be manipulated

  • There is a difference between what is legal and what is moral.

    Human euthanization should be legal regardless of whether you believe it to be moral or not. It is hard to watch a loved one suffer. It is also hard to be the loved one that is suffering. If the person suffering wants to end the pain through euthanization nobody else has a right to stop them.

  • Why euthansaia should be legal

    Euthanization should be legal as long as there are a lot of requirements involved. Someone should not be forced to stay alive if they are in excruciating pain every day of his or her life and if there is no chance of recovery. I believe as long as this is the case and they consent, it should be legalized.

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