• They definitely should

    Take these serial rapists, serial murderers, criminals sentences to death or 100+ years in prison and experiment on them, if they die tough shit, nothing of value was lost, INNOCENT animals deserve better treatment then to be tortured every second of their life, not to mention you get better test results on humans, scientists kill thousands of animals all while testing the exact same thing because a rabbit is different form a human, test it on humans directly and hey wouldn't have to.

  • Results are needed

    Animals might not have the same results that humans have to a chemical and animals do not talk they can't tell us what's happening to them humans can. And as well humans can do it willingly but animals are captured like the two bulge me say so think what they are thinking

  • Humans are needed

    If you carry a deadly disease, you're going to die anyway. So why not help scientists find a cure and be useful for other people? If it works u live, if it doesn't... Well you were going to die anyway. And even if it doesnt help you, it will help many families and maybe you won't end up in hell this time.

  • Yes yes yes

    Yes because humans can be tested willingly while animals are captured.Also who is this testing benefiting? Humans so humans should be tested to give to their race. Also if you are sick with one of the sicknesses they are testing their is not a lot of meaning in their short life so the best thing to do would be to give their life to help people in the future.

  • Humans should replace animals in experimentation

    It is my opinion that humans should replace animals in experimentation in order to make science a more ethical field of study. This is due to the fact that humans can volunteer their services to take part in any study, while animals do not have any way to give informed consent to participate.

  • No way for human experimentation

    There should be no way that there should be human experimentation instead of animal experimentation. It is certainly better to experiment on animals than humans because we can not risk earth on humans by experimenting on them. It is ok to use animals to learn what things would be harmful for people.

  • That is less ethical.

    No, human experimentation should not replace animal experimentation in order for science to become more ethical, because experimenting on humans rather than animals is not more ethical. Human beings and their well being is more important than animals. We should use animals whenever we can, rather than humans for research purposes.

  • Human Experimentation Cannot Replace Animal Experimentation

    Using humans instead of animals is not going to make science more ethical. I believe that scientists do make an effort to be as humane as possible, and people donate their bodies to science after they're dead. but sometimes they need living tissue. We wouldn't be able to control diabetes, for example, without the dogs. And if we did replace animals with humans, which humans would it be? Poor people? Disabled people? Is that what we've devolved to?

  • Animal lives matter!!!!!!!111!1!1!111!!!

    I realy leik aminals and i think it is sad when they are merdered by dumb syintists. PICK ON SOMEWON UR OWN SIZE SYINTISTS!!!!1!1! Aminals cant pick what dumb idiot peeple does to themselves so we need to respekct they're pryvacie and also hunams dosent matter as much cuz dumb humans hurt the erth and AMINALS NEVER HURTED ANYWON!!!!1!1!!11!11!!!!!1!!

  • Of course not! Instead, we should use Alternatives!

    Although tests on animals already end in human lives lost and end in failure, we should not go immediately to testing on humans. Instead, we should use the 100s of alternatives that are out there. Alternatives are a much better choice to chose from than going straight to using humans.

  • Human experimentation should not replace animal experimentation in order for science to become more ethical.

    Human experimentation should not replace animal experimentation in order for science to become more ethical. While animal experimentation is wrong and should be done away with does not mean that we should be testing on humans. I think with all the technology that is available we should be able to find other ways to test.

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