• Transplants Save Lives, But Is There Enough Donors?

    Why do 100% say no to this? By legalising it doesn't mean that people are going to sell organs on the streets, it means organ donations. People who need transplants are in a waiting line and could possibly lose their lives during the time of them being in it. If it was legal, more people would get the donations that they needed (faster) and actually be able to live.

  • It can save lives.

    The waiting line of human transplants is large and not all people get the organs that they need. It would be better if they were stored in a surgery room where they can get the organs they need to live quickly without any wait. If it was legal, it wouldn't mean that people would go around selling organs on the street - it means transplants that save lives.

  • Are You Serious?

    I mean..... Why?

    Would you buy an organ then have a doctor transplant it? It seems like this would create a run for "perfect" organs.... Where the richer citizens would benefit, maybe from some poorer people having to donate some organs when they die (maybe to benefit their families, who knows).

    And I'm not even getting to the ethical concerns here.... Or the logistical matters.... But.... I mean........

    And I don't even know who or what this would even benefit..... Just keep it the way it is, where donors may give their organs to healthcare facilities, and people get a transplant when they absolutely need one, as prescribed by a trained medical official

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