• Yes it's always a priority

    Because if it's not then problems will ensue, we have to protect the rights of Americans and look out of the rights of people all over the world.

    We cannot play police to the world but we can try to nudge others the correct way in giving their people basic human rights and when we see they are not doing so we need to work with our allies and the U.N. to lead and make sure everyone can have basic rights.

  • Of course!

    Human rights should be a priority for most developed countries. I know there is a lot of talk about the U.S. stripping away out rights in exchange to keep us safe, but how can we be safe if our human rights are limited? The real danger here isn't "terrorists," it's our own country trying to sedate us and weaken the people.

  • yes, human rights should be a priority for the U.S

    Human rights should be a priority for the U.S because it is one of the most fundamental value of America. It is very important for the US to maintain its freedom of speech and other basic rights. The US should use all means to protect this value and try its best to spread this value to the world community.

  • USA Is About Human Rights

    Human rights is a priority for the United States. This country thrives on freedom and providing us with a better quality of life. This is the reason it's the best country in the world. Our rights are protected to the fullest extent here and it should remain that way throughout our nation's history.

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