Should human rights be extended even to those who violate the rights of others?

  • Yes, to a certain extent, violaters should get rights.

    In a civilized culture, it is understood that we try not to become the people whose actions we abhor. So, within reason, those who abuse power and violate the rights of others need to have some modicum of human rights given to them. They still however need to be tried for their crimes and punished for them when found guilty.

  • Of course not

    Human rights are the inalienable rights given to the humans. But what about a situation where humans themselves start targeting the humanity. I don't think that human rights should ever be extended to the people who violate the rights of humans. These people, once violate others's rights , lose their entitlement as humans, so how will they be eligible for the human rights.

    There are extremists who violate others' rights, mostly right to live, whenever they face the justice, the human rights arise.This prevents justice from happening.

    This was my perception of this question. I would be glad if any contender joins me to oppose my views and some

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