• Everyone is born the same.

    When we were all babies and little kids, we did not care about peoples' race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. We just smiled and made friends. It is funny how when we grow older, people and prejudices around us sway us into believing that not everyone is born the same. Humans are humans, and everyone deserves equal opportunities. Unfortunately in our day and age today, people are still looked down upon and taken advantage of. Women still earn 77 cents to the males' dollar. African Americans are denied jobs because of their race. Factory jobs force poor laborers into long hours with poor working conditions and little pay. Every time you find yourself discriminating against a minority, go back to that young mindset. Go back to that age when everyone was your friend, no matter who they were or what they stood for. Treat everyone like you would treat those people back then.

  • Yes, as long as you are biologically a human than you should have the same rights.

    Yes, human rights are for humans, so it is obvious it should be the same for everyone. This should not even be a question. Human rights are for humans. Humans do not have the right to exclude other humans from this because of personal beliefs or religion or the lack of.

  • Global human rights is the ideal.

    It is not to say that human rights standards can be applied universally. However, it is a worthy goal for all of us as a human race to strive for equality. Each of us are born into this world and should be able to have the same opportunities to live and thrive. That is a difficult achievement for first world countries let alone third world countries but the world is better when we make efforts everywhere.

  • yes they should

    yes, i think that the human rights of a person needs to be the same for every single person that is in the world today, and that we need to make sure that we are not doing any harm to any of the cultures that are out there right now.

  • Yes, human rights standards should be the same for everyone.

    Human rights standards should obviously be the same for everyone, that is why the are called human rights and it is such a general term. A lot of different people believe in different things, but all humans should be guaranteed certain things in life and not have to fight or worry over those things protected by human rights. The standards are what help the human rights work.

  • Yes, they should be

    Human rights standards should be the same for everyone. People should be treated fairly and also punished equally. I do not think that it is right for people of authority to get away with illegal things while poor people are getting the death penalty. These are standards that should be just that, standard.

  • We should give better rights for individuals who are in a lower stand in society.

    I am not stating that we should not all be equal, However that we can be more equal with different rights. An example of this is in Japan and India(There might me more), Where there is women only trains to prevent assault. Women are in a lower stand in society and in danger, Therefore solutions like this is efficient. Another example is the disabled. The disabled and the not disabled are both humans, However the disabled have gone through a traumatizing event in there life, Which has changed them forever. Due to this we give disabled special parking lots and taxis.
    (First time posting)

  • You should earn your rights.

    Rights should be proportional to your value. How much you contribute to society should grant you more rights. The more you damage the society the less you should have.
    This is already is the case, In fact going against the law takes away your right to freedom by putting you in jail.
    Sorry for my english.

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