Should human societies allow human experimentation?

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  • I think it a good idea

    The reason why I think it’s good is because look some animals are going extinct if you really look at it in my point. But scientists mostly experiment on humans because humans and animals also have a different body system so they should study on humans not animals cause every day little by little animals keep going extinct.

  • Depending on the person or on her will

    Animals have a life, just like humans. They aren't things that we can manipulate however we want. Experimentations on humans would be more accurate, but they should be done only under strict rules (same for animals). For humans, the person should give her permission, but criminals who have commited murder, animal cruelty, or other horrible acts shouldn't be able to choose their faith. If they can torture others, can't they endure it themselves? Killing people, even if they are criminals, should be prohibited, but they should know that being used as a subject for an experiment comes with risks.

  • As long as the human confirms

    Well, I personally think that humans should be experimented on however but as long as the person being experimented on gives permission. For a long time, we have been experimenting on animals and they never gave permission. They do have souls just like us and if they could speak, they would curse us with every swear word in the book. One big problem we have on testing things on animals to see if they are safe for humans is that humans and animals don't have the same body functions. This means that sometimes a certain chemical can have side effects on humans but not animals.

  • Many forms of human experimentation is unethical.

    Human experimentation is an injustice that has been placed under effect in widespread practice since the 18th century onwards.

    Now, obviously there are many different types of experimentation, some can be either for medical research or for non medical reasons, some which have assisted medical research and other scientific research, some of which has been beneficial for disease treatment.

    However, moving back to my stance, human experimentation has seen many dark times and in many cases has shown numerous violations of human rights, some of the most notable cases that originated during the reign of Nazi Germany, which the Germans used to gain advantages in the war. Obviously, Nazi Germany no longer exists, however, in the modern world, many examples of such experimentation that have been performed without consent has been done from the shadows, and for reasons that simply are not justified for human development. Chemical testing, weapons testing, all have been performed that have no regard for human rights and has been allowed to be performed because it can be claimed for "medical purposes."
    From recent documents that were published on the Health News Network, there were multiple cases of such acts taking place in the United States, titled 'A History Of US Secret Human Experimentation'
    that has been uncovered over the years from as early as 1931. Most experiments were performed under the protection from the US government that has been hidden away from the public. Research into biological weaponry that, for example, has no known cure available for humanity and has a 100% mortality rate.
    These sorts of experiments are in no way justified and they in no way help with the security of our own communities as it simply allows more gruesome events to unfold in the future if that ever were to come, the only result out of clearly illegal human experimentation is it's use in war, and even if it was not built for that purpose, it does not take into account the basic human rights that are to be given to the public as a first priority, this is how it should be taken into account. In many cases the Justice system has not taken the law into effect against these acts, especially since most are sanctioned by the US government itself, which is the MAJOR issue with this debate.

    There is the major flaw of human experimentation that cannot be allowed to continue further, there are many acts of human rights violations taking place being our backs and there is not anyway that justice will be served until we realize that there is more to than just useful medical research that can be the direct result of experimentation.

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