Should humanity attempt to get rid of oil and gas power?

Asked by: jamccartney
  • Futurists predict that we will have fusion by around 2050.

    Even before this event, the price of fossil fuels increase as the price of renewable sources of energy decrease due to new technology. These cleaner and then cheaper energy sources will allow humanity to put our thoughts and this cheaper energy toward more productive activities like producing enough food to feed the hungry. We would all benefit if we didn't rely on something that will eventually burn up.

  • Think about the long term

    Even if we neglect the data suggesting harmful effects of carbon fuels, we should move away from them on the basis that they are in limited supply. With energy consumption on the rise, it is only logical to upgrade our source of energy. Nuclear, solar, geothermal, and wind based energy production is the solution to the inevitable energy crisis.

  • It's destroying the environment.

    It's a fact. Gas powered cars are producing carbon waste, which is going into the atmosphere, heating up the planet and causing health risks. So why are people still contributing to this? If they fully understood the risks, they would do something about it. If they became aware of what will eventually happen, they would stop.

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Archangel12 says2014-01-10T16:11:50.303
Probably yes. It's very harmful to humanity