Should Humanity be able to examine and experiment with creating life?

  • Progress is good.

    If not for people examining and experimenting with human life, We would not have anything close to modern medicine and still have a life expectancy of around 35. Thing is, This only helps us after we are born. If we examine and experiment with creating life, We could do even more. We may be able to aid people who could not conceive to actually have children of their own. We could greatly reduce the risk of birth defects. We could also use methods to grow healthy human organs to replace failed ones without the risk of rejection as the grown organ or even limb would be an exact genetic match to the patient. This would not only help the quantity of life (life expectancy) but also improve the quality of life for young, Old and all others between.

  • No, It should not!

    It is wrong and not the way it should be done! It is messed up how people think it is okay to just mess around with human life like it is a toy to throw around, This is just disgusting and I will not stand for this kind of behavior at all!

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