Should humanity become a single hive mind through technology

Asked by: VenomSnake09
  • Obey the Queen

    Yes we should unite as one as the bumblebees within our minds are waiting to be free and to serve one queen who is that you ask? Non other than Caitlin Mcconville! We must rise up gamers and take over the world one honeycomb at a time, FOR THE QUEEN! Okay

  • We Already Are

    We culturally connected in the way we imitate and innovate. We are very much a hive mind in this respect. Also, On a metaphysical sense, I believe in that thought, While not directly perceivable, For those who develop the sensitivity, Can be "felt" in a way that is often unexplained by any other means. For example: I often think very strong thoughts and have very strong memories about my mother in the 30-60 seconds before she calls me on the telephone. I know when she's thinking about me.

  • Shoop shoop diggy snoop

    Hive Mindas are fer nurds that watfch starr tek. . . . . . Like srysly why wood you do dat you wood looze you are independence. No point. I need more woods i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i ii i i i ii done. . . . . .

  • It is against humanity

    Becoming a hive mind and losing free will makes us lose our humanity. We would lose love, Kindness, Creativity, And compassion. If we became a collective intelligence, We would go extinct eventually. Losing our personhood would be turning ourselves into machines. We must not forget the importance of humanity and the emotions I described above

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