Should Humankind Be Spending Money On Space Exploration?

Asked by: megank1
  • We need to get the hell off this rock

    The time when we have to abandon earth may be sooner than we all think. The Board of Atomic Scientists predict that with all things considered, the world could end as soon as 2100. Ignoring this problem and not worrying because we will all most likely be gone by then is why our grandchildren will have to suffer because we screwed them over. Considering the fact that coal and oil power plants are still in use as well as gasoline powered cars (big one) and other air pollutants, the time where humans simply cannot live under the conditions is coming up fast. It's time we stop looking into our pocketbooks and start looking at the gun nature has to our heads. We need to stop polluting or get the hell out, and at the moment it seems getting the hell out is a lot more practical.

  • Beneficial to us, indeed

    As humans we have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and space is just one of the many outlets. Their is a lot to gain from gaining this knowledge, including: jobs and warnings for asteroids, and other dangerous scenarios. It is expensive for sure, yet in the long run, it should be worth it. We must keep in mind though, that these are massive pieces of machinery that consume a lot of fuel. With that said, I am all for space exploration, but I feel we need to try and become more fuel efficient with this matter, while in process of proceeding to explore outside this planet.

  • Expanding our knowledge about the world around us.

    Science is such an important concept for humans. Without science we would be completely oblivious to the world around us (we would think the earth is still flat.) We find the dangers outside our world and more ways to protect our selves; asteroids. It's also another subject that people enjoy and provides jobs; scientists, working for NASA, ESA, etc.

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  • YES in my view space exploration is the only way forward

    We are destroying this would it is a fact. We are consuming the natural resources wiping out whole species and causing 10,000s of tonnes of polution.This world will not be able to support us in the future. If we want to continue to expand our knowledge and understanding we must look to space.
    If you look at the space race we achieved more in a short span of time than we had done for 100eds of years all because the funding and determination is there but what have we done since we have done an impressive amount of the meagre budget but nothing compared to what we could of done if the backing and funding was there.
    As to world wars have proved progress comes when it gets the backing. Military technology advanced so much faster in the world wars than ever before for better or for worse. Look at the V program in WW2 in just a decade we had rockets capable of flying in the upper stratosphere because again Hitler gave the funding even though it was for vulgar reasons.
    My point is when funding is given progress is made often with huge benefits.
    We must invest more in space if we want to survive as a species

  • No Future on This Rock

    Sooner or later we will become extinct. Everything we strove for as a species wiped out. This has happened to ever species that this planet has ever evolved and sooner or later will happen to us. Given that we're actively working on our own extinction I'd put my money on sooner than later. The only solution is to move out. Get or ridiculous little species off the planet and let both recover.

  • Not until there is nothing else left to spend on

    Space exploration has cost us billions and billions of dollars. NASA's Orion aims to facilitate deep space exploration by humans. But what good will all this information generate while there are still millions out there still hungry and diseased?
    I believe that space odysseys' funding must be cut down and that extra funding can be channelized to other fields, that require immediate attention and that can alleviate the suffering of the under-privileged.
    Especially for developing countries, fighting terrorism, combating chronic diseases, sustaining economic growth, generating employment are some other avenues that demand more attention than space exploration.

  • Waste of money.

    Look at the Apollo program. By 1975 it cost U.S. taxpayers over $25 billion, that billion with a B. What did we get for it? Rocks, rocks that we have to pay even more to see in a museum. Sure, we also got some advances in technology like memory foam that was developed for space flight but again, we pay are paying again to get some for ourselves. What did we learn? Nothing that we didn't already know. We had to know that stuff or else we could not have been successful. Had our calculations on anything been off, nobody would have ever gone to the moon. Who gained? A hand full of people who went, most of the people who did the research that made the whole thing possible never stepped foot in front of a camera much less had their names in the news.
    Tell you what, you want more knowledge about space? Send a probe. Far cheaper with the same knowledge gained. If you want mankind to go to space? Then fund it yourself and keep the tax payers out of it.

  • Our debt is worse.

    We are in deep debt to other countries, yet we still use our tax paying money to go somewhere that we have no business. Also, we risk the lives of our astronauts. We could be using our tax payer money to put into paying for that debt. As of right now we are fighting to keep our heads above the water in the ocean of debt. Trust me, I know we are not the only ones in debt to other countries and there are even countries that are in debt to use. But we are pretty close to being at the top of the list of largest debt owed to another country.

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