• Social Life Problems

    If all my friends and family are gone or all my friends are gone and I'm just sitting in a nursing home, waiting to die alone, I would wish they didn't even think of prolonging my life span.

    . . . . . . . (I ran out of words.)

  • Yes, it's something most people would want.

    Humans should attempt to prolong our lifespan if we can do so and be assured of some sort of quality of existence. We actually are currently attempting to prolong our life spans by committing to medical research and efforts to preserve the environment. We all benefit from these things. Who wouldn't want to live longer to see their children and grandchildren progress through their lives?

  • It's In Our Nature

    I'm not sure this is a should question, so much as 'will it happen.' People want to live longer. In general, people will always want to prolong life, as long as it is a happy and healthy one. Therefore, it is pretty inevitable that humans will look to science and medicine to help us live longer lives.

  • We Should

    I think that humans should attempt to prolong lifespan. Everyone only gets one life, so why not live and enjoy it as long as possible? People living long also helps out society in several ways. Living individuals pump money into the economy and if they're old they have to use health services.

  • I don't believe humans should attempt to prolong life.

    Life is a privilege. Everybody approximately has the same chance to live. That's what makes life great. If you could exist nearly indefinitely, life would become dull. It could be paralleled to a person being so rich that he/she can buy anything. This person may no longer have challenges/accomplishments to make since he practically owns anything that could exist. There is also the problem of "the right people" who get to live longer. It would seem to me that only rich people could live longer and not the poor. So I think we should leave it as it is and let probability decide who lives, and who dies.

  • Dignity for the person and common sense for the environment

    Living past the time when one has dignity, freedom from pain, and quality of life is terribly sad. And we are indeed taxing the planet beyond its capacity as it is. I think that often people prolong the lives of their loved ones when they, themselves, would not choose this for themselves.

  • Life and death are opposites

    That being said, you cant have one without the other. People need to come to terms with the fact we are destroying the earth and prolonging life would only add to this. The rich would become richer and even basically immortal while the poor all die away and are left with nothing, fuck the system

  • No recourses left

    If we us all the recourses we have we won't live that much longer. Earth is old and we have taken loads of it's recourses, problem is that if the sources don't replenish fast enough, then again I will say we won't live to long after that. I'm in fifth grade and I know that this could happen! That is my reasoning.

  • There is no unselfish reason to prolong a typical life span

    The environment can not keep up with the growing population. The way average people spend their time (ex. Endless hours on electronic devices) do not justify the environmental waste that is created. 90% of the population do not live life to the fullest (does not mean indulgence of pleasantries).
    In fact, one can hardly even justify life being meaningful on a daily basis (is ending the life of a cow justified in the reason why you eat beef?).
    When human don't need to pay the immediate price for the waste they create during their life span, they live happily protected by willful ignorance.

  • Future population and pain for the person

    Attempts to elongate life will only leave the future in dismay, we are already on the way to having earth as a dry, barren waste land, making outcomes like Pandora seem almost too surreal.
    We are just hurting ourselves by trying to make people's lives extended. There may be reasons why said person would like to stay alive but in reality, you are just making their life that much painful.
    Just imagine the deteriorating muscles and bone structure and the massive pain of those who have lost their truly beloved, living on without them by their side.
    We are only tempering into deeper, more drastic matters when the human life is involved.

  • Do not prolong life

    My Grandmother died age 86 she had a full healthy life right up until she went to sleep one night and didn't wake up.

    My mother said that's how i want to go, no sickness, no disability just go to sleep and not wake up.

    We move on until my mother was 88 she became ill and went to hospital they said she's about to go.. I was sad but pleased that she got her wish, the doctors and nurses worked hard on her and brought her back.... Since then my mum has sat in a chair, she's so tied that she stopped going out, she didn't even let us take her for a drive, she told me that she just sits there waiting to die.

    My mum is now 96 tied, has lost her short term memory has bad back pain suffers from incontinence and has trouble controlling her bowels, she's about to go into a full care nursing home her life has had no quality for 8 years, she is still sitting waiting to die.

    Her time to go was at 88 and they should have not prolonged her life if she understood what was happening to her now she would be devastated.

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