• Even if your able to doesn't mean you have to

    Even If you were able to,you don't have to.Its nice to have something that you can do all winter.I wouldn't for logical reasons but if you want to by all means.I mean nobody's stopping you.See traits like that are big in the human race.Thate what separates us from animals.

    There's no need to and most people don't want to but that 4 percent would kill to hibernate.Think about others.

  • Humans should not be able to hibernate.

    Humans have no biological need to hibernate. Also, it would disturb our current social institutions if people started to sleep all winter. No job would let workers take a vacation for the entire winter. Also, if someone slept for several months, their property could be stolen and they viction would have to wait a long time before investigating the theft.

  • No, Human Hibernation Makes No Biological or Social Sense

    Even if there were a way to induce humans to hibernate via some medical breakthrough, it makes neither biological nor social sense. Most importantly, humans have no need to hibernate, and are not designed to do so, and the long period of inactivity would likely involve health risks. Furthermore, if everyone went to sleep for months at a time, social infrastructures would break down. We would wake up to a mess of broken things needing repair and spend inordinate amounts of time getting society back on track, detracting from new developments, ideas and technologies.

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