Should humans be able to pick their baby's gene(s)?

Asked by: jayla.edwards
  • Yes, that way there wouldn't be bullying

    I think that is a good idea because that way there wouldn't be discrimination and bullying because you can make beautiful people and there wouldn't be ugly people in the world. Also, that way is easier to find your perfect match because you wouldn't waste your time kissing too many frogs.

  • Yes, they should.

    The perfect child varies. You should be able to pick at least what gender you want. You went through nine months of pain and hardship (not to mention those shotty parenting classes), so you should be able to pick your perfect child. If you do not like how your child looks, acts, or both, then what's the point in having them or loving them? Most people (or at least I do, lol) or a beautiful girl with a tan, deep blue eyes and long, blonde hair with a down-to-earth personality. It varies, and parents should have the ability to chose the genes.

  • To improve the human race

    I can't think of any reason why not, it would improve the human race because we could simply pick better genes. What is wrong with it? Parents could also picked traits that they might like more such as green eyes. It would help give us more control over our lives.

  • It sortof depends.

    I find some problem with people who would just try to get the athlete genes into their child, though I don't think it should be illegal unless it harms the child. I do think, if this technology is cheap, easy, and widespread, that it should be used for certain standard applications. Think about it. If we used this, in one generation, we could stop most of the recessive alleles for certain diseases in the US. Then in most of the first world countries and onward.

  • Why not be able to pick?

    Why should we not be able to pick? Whilst I agree gender shouldn't be picked, what's wrong with choosing the looks? It's harmless - nobody is going to turn into an evil scientist because they can choose what their child looks like. Then at least they'll be happy with their child, and it'd result in less bullying in the looks area.

  • Its an individual choice

    I see it as a form of evolution, not to mention it has the potential to save lives. Why not improve upon the human race, many developed countries do not have a gender bias, and countries that do, such as China, end up putting the girls up for adoption and attempting again for a boy, contributing to an overpopulation problem and too many girls up for adoption. At this point, humans no longer need to have much variation, as our technology allows us to overcome natures process of natural selection, but I doubt that any traits would be eliminated completely, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if everybody has blue eyes, they are no longer unique. This would probably only be available to the rich so its not as if it could greatly effect mankind anyways. Finally, like any other ethical controversies, if you do not want to do this, you do not have to, you have that choice! If other people want to choose their child's genes then they should have a right to do so.

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  • It greatly depends

    In some cases, this would be fine. You could get rid of diseases, and create your perfect child. There also might be less bullying. However, if something in the treatment went wrong, there would be major consequences. Also, most genes have more than one purpose, so if you mess with one, then you might destroy or alter the other in a very dangerous way. Also, the baby doesn't get a say in the desition, so they might not grow up the way they want to. I think that it should be both the biological parent's desition. If they feel that they want to take that risk, then let them.

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  • It makes no sense why we shouldn't be able to.

    Increasing the human race's ability to survive should not be a controversial topic. Quite frankly children born with unfortunate mental illnesses that hinder their ability to comprehend normally is worse than taking away the "surprise" as some like to call it. Some of you are saying "Its just not right" and "This is wrong" of which neither are compelling arguments.

  • Baby's need to natural

    If you got to choose your own child's genes then their not natural and it's like ending your family tree. Also then there'a a line between using the technology to take out genes for diseases but if you are 'sing it make your child perfect then that's a problem because no one and I mean no one is perfect

  • Of course not!

    If Americans cant even pick important things like the President and American Idol winners correctly, then what in the HELL makes you think they can be trusted to correctly pick the GENETIC CODES for their own children? Presidents last 4-8 years, American Idol winners are relevant for about 3, but genetics is something that follows someone for their ENTIRE LIFE, and humans cant be trusted with that kind of influence..... Because they will severely f*** it up

  • NO!!!!!!!!! Absolutely NOT

    It's wrong, birth is natural, don't mess it up. It would also go entirely against what God has done. It's horrible anyone would think of this, it's just terrible, I'm disgusted by humanity nowadays. With all the transgender and gay people it's absolutely ridiculous, I'm just disgusted, utterly disgusted. Ok that's all

  • No way guys!

    Why should we pick ower baby genes? Why should we play the role of god? Well we should not we are not gods we are humans, even though there are good uses i beileve some people will use it to there advantages to pick the "perfect child". That is why i disagree.

  • Because its right

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  • No To The No

    If people had this kind of technology then it is the end, because people would be blinded by this kind of power and would be abscessed with this. And how would we be able to learn the moral "beauty is skin deep". People would be so perfect that they would want to be better then the other person to the point were they would not care what the lost or gave up even if it was a relative.

  • No way dude

    No because you shouldn't be allowed to play God. A baby is not a car, you don't get to choose what it looks like. Some people in the "yes" column are like Hitler trying to improve the human race. Other people in the "yes" column are saying that they want to make the perfect child; also Hitler. Everyone's idea of perfect is different so I don't know what you were to trying to say. Just let babies be babies.

  • No,I don't agree

    If you are trying to change your child's genes,I think you will be making the worst mistake of your life because the child will be deformed and lacking nutrients and will be infected by disease,so what's the point of having a child,when you don't like the way he/she is born.

  • Should we or should we not

    Our child is our life and we would love them no matter what. We would want them to look like us and get 50% mom 50% dad. Would you like your child to look like you or what you want them to look like? This can cause upcoming problems with children.

  • It isn't your choice.

    It doesn't matter what this child might go through or how you want them to be born. It is totally up to this child how they want to live their life. As a parent, all you are supposed to do is give them information and advice so they can make it in this world. Not change their whole entire life.

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