• I agree as

    Humans should be cloned, the first reason being that if humans should not have been cloned than God would not have given us the knowledge, therefore not cloning may be going against God's plans. The second reason being that humans die from organ failure, so clones could be made to hrvest organs, by doing so alot of people would be saved.

  • Cloning Is Good for Prostitution and Disease Ratiocination.

    All these disease that plaque our earth. Are we to say is the wrath of God? Or we should take matters into our own hands by cloning and shaping a better future? Since the existence of God prevails our judgement and freedom is always opposed with lesser governing rules and regulation! I say we clone humans! This help us to pick better sole mates rather than sIuts off the streets! I strongly encourage us to rethink our tomorrow! Thank you...

  • They totally should

    17 people die every day from not having an organ transplant. If the religious people could just realize that its for a good cause I think they could learn to accept the fact. Clones should be made for harvesting organs. I know that humans are still being studied and learned by, this would be another great learning experience for the world.

  • Humans Will Be Cloned Eventually

    It sounds bad now, but humans will be cloned eventually. In the name of science, human bodies will be cloned and possibly harvested for organs. The key will be to leave out human brains so the clones don't achieve consciousness, thereby ridding any moral complications surrounding creating a life or a soul.

  • For the greater good of humanity

    I agree that humans should be cloned. Women will never have to suffer long periods of agonizing pregnancy till childbirth. Women will no longer be needed for human reproduction and become sexual pleasures and equal workforce alongside men. Plus, the costs of childraising can be cut significantly and women will have more freedom.

  • Sure Why not?

    It can be a good way to create armies if they are going out to war so then they will have more soldiers and defeat the enemy. But on the other hand, they maybe would not know how to use all the guns.. But that is just a random thought.

  • Massive Scientific Breakthrough

    Though it is unethical and maybe inhumane, it is something that hasn't been explored before. Its an area in science that would be a great breakthrough for people everywhere! Even if the clone learns that he/she is a clone, they're still human. It could become a new way for birthing. Clones can become everyday things instead of just an experiment on a human. Clones can become the regular of the day, someone just has to start it.

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  • Sure why not

    It will help people who are in need of bone marrow transplants and organ transplants it will also help us with fighting a deadly virus or maybe it could help us understand the universe by sending them up in to space on a one way trip and then they could send back sample and pictures of the universe.

  • Just, why not?

    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, Phew thats enough with skipping words xD. Why not, it will happen if you like it or not, humans will need it in the future so yeah. 21, 22 .2 3. 2 4 ,2 5 . 2 6 . 2 7. 2 8. 2 9. 3 0. 3 1 , 32 xD xD xD

  • Too dangerous and wrong

    Someone could create armies (as stated above) with a modified genetic code to make an unstoppable force. This is too dangerous!!
    It is also unbelievable wrong, a child would live significantly less than a regular human being and grow up knowing that it has no parents, it's just a manipulated piece of DNA.

  • Human cloning is dangerous, purposeless, and ultimately unkown. Even identical twins are not clones

    God is the creator. One could raise an army with clones. Would the clones be treated as humans or clones? I can only see confusion and chaos resulting from such actions. Humans are not asexual beings, and therefore we should never change that foundation. What happens if cloning becomes a simple process available to anyone at anytime?

  • Human Cloning is Danger Zone

    First off, the cloning process itself has such a low success rate, that only 6 in 250 or something embryos will ever develop. In the case of Dolly the sheep, it took 277 tries to get it right, and even then the sheep had major health problems. Second, is it in the best interest of the child. If the cloning is successful, the person will be ever aware that they are different. Last, if the human race is "perfected" through cloning, it will cause major strife among members of the same race, the other people constantly being called inferior, or stronger, when in essence, they are the same. Cloning should be left alone.

  • Absolutely Unethical and Inhumane

    Cloning humans is simply not a good idea. When making a clone, you are taking this already aged DNA and growing a baby from it. In essence, thd baby's body would be like that of an older person, but they would be very young. They would suffer severe health problems very early on in life, which is just cruel to inflict upon a child. It is honestly bad enough already that we do it to animals.
    There's a lot of other reasons that i could go into as well, such as the fact that the child would be born knowing that it was a copy of another exsisting being, created simply for the sake of knowledge or medical purposes, or that it had no actual parents or such.
    I think that the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a great book to read on the subject because it explores such ideas in great detail, and gives good insight despite being a work of fiction.

  • What is the point?

    We don't even completely know everything about our DNA. So it we were to try and make a clone we may possibly create a whole new species that could highly dangerous. Besides the fact the we would just use the clone for extra body parts what would be the clones real purpose in life, we would already have someone who is exactly the same as the clone there would be no difference. Has anyone thought of how it would feel to be a clone? It would suck to know that you weren't really you just a copy of someone else.

  • Humans should not be cloned.

    Cloning humans sounds like a great idea at first, but in reality it's not very safe until we know more about the long term effects. We still do not fully understand the human body, so it is impossible to clone the human and expect an exact replica. Until we know more about the human body itself, we should stay away from cloning humans.

  • Leave The Creation of Human Beings to the Creator

    People should not be cloned because I believe that the business of "making people" should be left in the hands of the creator. It is a slippery slope we begin once we start deciding to engineer a human life. Perfection would be the ultimate goal, and who among us can decide what perfection really is? Blonde hair? Blue eyes? White skin? Humankind has proven its ability to be unfair and unjust. I imagine the slippery slope would lead to a future where discrimination would be determined by DNA instead of race as it was yesterday, or the amount of money one has (or does not have) as it is determined today. Unfortunately, I do believe that humankind with science and all of its infinite wisdom, already has the capability to clone human beings, and nothing us naysayers can say will stop the “progression” of this pursuit of perfection and the so-called scientific advancement of human cloning

  • No it is not a good idea.

    While as a mother of two I joke that if there of two of me it would be great, the idea of cloning a human being is kind of scary. There are too many variables that researchers and scientist just don't know or understand. There is no way of knowing what might happen later. Would the clone have free will? What if the clone were to commit a crime? Who would be the police charge. If the dna is exactly the same there would be no way of telling the real guilty party.

  • No

    Cloning humans sounds like a great idea but in reality it's not very safe until we know more about the long term effects. We still do not fully understand the human body, it is impossible to clone the human and expect an exact replica. Until we know more about the human body itself we should stay away from cloning humans.

    Posted by: jus
  • It's highly dangerous, even to animals.

    Animals such as cows, rats and sheep have been cloned before, it was possible for scientists to achieve this because they could figure out these animals' systems. However, even these cloned animals had severe health problems. A cloned cow died a few weeks after birth because of a blood cell abnormality. Dolly the sheep, the very first sheep to be cloned, died a few years after birth because of a severe lung disease and arthritis, which was extremely unusual for an animal at such an early age. The human system is much more complex, and I mean MUCH more. So considering the problems affecting those animals, how can we be so sure that cloning our own species will be safe and problem-free? With much more complexity in the human systems, anyone would say that cloning humans will not result successfully.

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