• We are Basically Already Micro chipped

    If you own a phone, a credit/debit card, have any sort of social media account, you realize that the government has the ability to track your almost every move, right? The government doesn't care where you go, how you spend your money, what you do with your time as long as you're not doing anything illegal. With today's technologies growing exponentially, I believe that an RFID microchip would be beneficial society in many ways such as reducing identity theft risk and finding someone if they are missing or a criminal.

  • Pros for microchip implants

    It will let us find are missing children and find criminals and our missing pets that we love and would miss so much and also it could be used for finding bad diseases or tumors or internal bleeding problems before some one can die from it. With out micro chip implants the world would not be a better place. Say yes for the children of now and tomorrow - Elizabeth Smith

  • Good things can come out of this...

    The simple act of inserting a microchip can have positive outcomes. It can enhance our criminal justice system, prevent terrorists from entering our country, and improve medical care. A GPS function could track missing kids or criminals. Microchips would be way more effective than finger print scanning or identification cards.

  • Implanted microchips can do good

    While most people see the implanting of microchips in humans as another way for the government to keep an eye on their people. There are positives to this process. Amber alerts would not be necessary if they included gps. There would be no need to wait for doctors offices to wait for records to be transferred, just scan the chip. With all things there are disadvantages but there are so many positives to implanting chips.

  • Humans should be implanted with micro chips

    I needs to do this for a debate. . . I have found so many points but the problem is, Everything just talks about human rights. . I have a good logical comeback, But I’m nervous. Plus, Most articles don’t support it! WISH ME LUCK PLEASE, ENJOY YOUR DAY, GOODBYE.
    By: Debater (unknown)

  • Safety, Health, Prosperity,

    I don't believe we should make it mandatory. The amount of data we could collect with it could advance science, And technology is some areas. The implications for safety and health are considerable. Knowing who's doing what at any given moment could keep people safe. Constant tracking make a case for eliminating many criminal activities. Collecting health information on everybody constantly could provide more data for the medical field than we've ever had in history. Eventually i believe this or an equivalent technology will be common to most of humanity likely only a small margin maybe even no humans will be without a technology that will track collect and record all possible useful data. The amount of things people want that we could get from a technology like this is obvious. Safety, Health, Technology, Peace, And more

  • Yes for microchip

    I just really think people should be implanted with microchip. If you do not agree you are very very ignorant. The government can already track most law abiding adults through cellular devices, So might as well be able to track criminals and lost children in a simple way. Yes for implants.

  • Help your country , save your life

    Imagine being alone, afraid and teetering on deaths edge as a notorious murderer edged towards you at the dead of night, no one to hear your cries, no one to change your fate. But with a microchip, your salvation is just a track away. With a microchip, the thousands of innocent children ripped away from their families against their will are found within hours,their kidnappers instantly discovered and locked away, forever. So,would you rather save a life and end a criminal's vicious activities ,or allow death and destruction cause havoc on the streets.To me choice is obvious , the choice is is a microchip.

  • It has the potential to save lives.

    To put it easily with this technology any person with a quick barcode like scan will be able to provide police and other forms of authority with a persons contacts, home address and a lot more and say someone goes missing and get drunk and cant recall their location afterwards due to perhaps forms of amnesia then the police will be able to help you because you will always carry your own vital information in a small chip implanted in you

  • It can make life easier

    With biotechnology such as the implant it can help with thing such as medical prescriptions, public transport, money, security, communication, insurance, crime prevention, healthcare, wellbeing, education, time management, social life, travel, work, voting records and personal history we need this as a means of improving every day life and these implants can help.

  • No we don't in technology on us or in us

    Look is better to do the work my mom says then use the shortcuts. Even if they say we have too my last move is to live like natere. Because technology is more dangourus then helpful to me. Loook we laerned to use mucles contal fire in anceint times. We should not have technology we should worry most about need which is food water air and a place to live. IF WE HAD TO GET INPLANTEED I RUN AND LIVE IN THE WILD

  • No no no

    Being free is out birth right, The mainstream media and the news are going to make it out that this is going to be so beneficial towards society in terms of medical care terrorism criminal justice ect. . . This is part of one big agenda we are moving into a new world of surveillance this is part of the new world order please everyone open your eyes and to all my religious folk this is the mark of the Beast. Can't you imagine the amount of control these people are going to have over you, Who says they can't deactivate your shit and you won't be able to basic things like going to buy groceries, This just like the corona virus is just a big agenda, They want everyone to be divided. Divided we fall, United we stand.

  • Of Course Not! No Micro chipping Humans! Especially against their will!

    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. " Ben Franklin.

    Anyone who wants to get a microchip implanted, And thinks its okay to force others to do so is a very selfish person doing it for all the wrong reasons along with being absolutely ignorant of the reality we are all facing currently.

    No matter who you are whether Christian, Budist, Atheist ect the number one common bond we all have as humans is freedom. Without freedom you can't be who you are no matter what you choose to be. It is freedom that allows you to express yourself by your free will. Freedom is more important then your Ideas of safety, Or convenience. Liberty and freedom go hand in hand. Don't be a fool!

  • No they shouldn’t.

    Microchip implants can be used to attack people while they are unconscious. Microchip implants are more dangerous than giving criminals guns and keeping guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. Microchip implants used for killing people with what they’d call population control but is actually just first degree murder.

  • No people shouldnt be microchipped.

    Microchip implants are the most criminal things ever. They are used for cyber crime. They are a total invasion of privacy and peace of mind. They invade people's thoughts. They could be used for mind reading not even feeling safe in your own head and all the misunderstandings from the microchip implants in people causing problems, Arguements and fights. Microchip implants used to target individuals for torture, Torment and discrediting them so people think theres something wrong with them when they just need help and people to beleive them about whats actually going on. When its just the devil beast microchip implant thing.

  • You will be hacked

    Computers have been hacked, So will these chips. It is one's free will to do what he/she wants. Or else, This could happen:
    1. Hacker gets in, Can view
    2. Can control
    3. Owner of the brain
    4. Kicks(kills) the original life out.
    All and all I'd rather be 100% biological.

  • Definitely not, Especially covertly.

    I am a victim/survivor of covertly and illegally implanted microchips. I have lost 25 years of my life due to this, I suffer from severe headaches due to (DEW) Directed Energy Weapons aimed at my brain/skull. I suffered for over 24 years with V2K (Voice To Skull). These chips are going to destroy freedom of thought, Steal your business ideas, Manipulate you into situations that you would never have been in, Prior to being chipped, They are 100% The Beast.

  • No! No! No!

    You will get no privacy. And sometimes people need alone time and not have their parents keep coming to check on them, Then there is the possibility of getting hacked. I don't want creepy people following me around. I hate needles so I don't want a giant one stuck in my foot! Those things hurt!

  • It’s not human and the mark of the beast.

    Immoral and A violation of ones body, It breaks the laws on human rights to say the least. I have to say this : People need to come back down to earth and get their heads out of the clouds. This is so inhuman and Those who obey God and refuse to follow the laws of the Beast’s government system, Including taking his mark, Will stand out to those around them. The intense scrutiny will certainly test their resolve as the entire world will be watching.

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