Should humans be trying more to expand into space?

Asked by: JacquesVancak
  • Absu fricken lutly!

    I really want to see space colonization a thing. It has many upsides, but I think the media and movies put a bad spin on space travel. I'm sure that after a while most bugs will be worked out, and it will be safe and efficient. I mostly want cats in space to be a reality.

  • Eventually we are going to run out of resources.

    Like it or not the human population is growing and our resources and spaces is decreasing. Eventually we are going to have to expand to accommodate our growing needs. Yes it is going to cost a lot but it is well worth it rather then waiting until we used up all of our resources and overpopulation has run wild. This should be a priority among other things.

  • Necessary for survival

    Regardless of how much it would cost, expansion into outer space is very necessary for the survival of the human species, which I'm sure we'd all like. It would further quench our thirst for knowledge, it would solve over-population problems, it would help us find more, and possibly new, resources, and we'd just need to colonize more planets to live. Earth isn't permanent, you know.

  • Our future depends on it

    Humanity needs to find more innovative ways to try and sustain ourselves. That process is ongoing but slow. With advances in technology, we must be trying to colonise other world's for its resource to use and it's space to occupy. This (if done reasonably and civilised) would ensure the survival of our species.

  • Too many problems

    Primarily we need to consider the backlash of these kinds of explorations. These kinds of explorations are too ambiguous and are not very clear. Also we already have our own problems so why go into the vast universe exploring and wasting money when it can be used else where and benefit a lot of people.

  • Deal with the planet we have.

    C'mon, we have too many problems here to be woried about moving us to another planet. Now, we can still check out space and everything, but don't make it a priority. There are over 1.2 billion people in extreme poverty right now, and millions of them will die because of it. Focus on our fellow man.

  • Sending little toys into space doesn't stop people starving.

    It's fine if humanity wants to colonies space and expand our living capacity and scientific understanding. But while that's happening, what happens to the starving men women and children in the poorest parts of the world. Humanity should focus one neutralizing the problems here before we worry about building little show towns on Mars and the Moon. The same stands for reducing military conflict in the world. Countries like american need to reduce their military budget and help developing countries, causing less hostile tension and more international understanding.

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