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  • Are humans all that good?

    What have humans done to help the world?

    Because of us humans, More than 500 species of animals gone extinct in the past 100 years. The water is becoming polluted, Because humans can't take care of their planet. Humans can't even aid each other. Humans only cause destruction, For other humans and the environment. Humans created devastating weapons, And equipment that has made some parts of the world inhabitable.

    Humans have devolved. We suddenly think there are more than 30 genders, And we think humans should continue to live? We overreact to every little thing, And try to blame someone even if they had no part in it. Nowadays, We suddenly think we can become another gender, Just because we want to or even become disabled just because we want to?

    Humans don't deserve to live anymore. Humans hasn't done any good for the world.
    If you think humans should live, Tell me this. What good has humans done for the world? What makes us different than the wild beasts?

    Forgive my rants in this post.

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