Should humans do medical research on animals?

Asked by: treeface
  • Does this even have to be asked?

    What else are we going to test our drugs and products on? Spoons?!?

    New important medicines and drugs are invented all the time, but they need extensive testing on live organisms to determine the exact extent of their effects, both positive and negative on living beings. Pigs and apes, being so close to humans physiologically and indispensable as test subjects. Also, due to their highly prolific nature, rabbits and mice can be bred very quickly, making them good test subjects as well for the most experimental and potentially dangerous of drugs.

    It doesn't matter if some random monkey keels over dead because a new drug didn't work the way it was supposed to. I does matter than a person doesn't keel over dead. It doesn't matter if mice in certain experiment have a 50% mortality rate. It does matter than people's lives are not squandered.

  • It's the only way for much of the research

    What are we supposed to do, experiment on humans? Who is going to sign up without prior animal tests? A great deal of research depends on animal testing. If we didn't do that then technological innovation and scientific progress would come to a halt. We need animal testing. It's really that simple.

  • We are all animals

    The U.S.A. rips 10,000 monkeys from their homes a year. Why? So you can live another 4 years on a medication you have to take because you made poor dietary and lifestyle decisions? The worst nightmare of humans is "Planet of the Apes", what if they wanted to experiment on us? We are mammals too. We may have a more advanced brain, but that only gets us into more trouble than we know what to do with. 10,000 monkeys are year! That is sad.

  • It is simply wrong

    No one should force intentional pain on a living thing. I don't care if it's human or if it's a lab rat, it is wrong. There are other ways of experimenting and I don't understand why if we have other ways that do not inflict pain, why aren't we using them?

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