• We are animals

    Humans are the most complex organisms on Earth. Most complex animals eat meat due to the fact that they are on top of the food chain. Humans in fact are on the top of the food chain and must require meat in order to survive. It makes no sense why we should not eat meat since we are capable of hunting.

  • We should eat meat

    Meat is healthy and people say that meateaters are terrible,meat should be a choice,and veggatraians are killers to,they kill the plants so why are they complaining about us killing something when there killing a plant,we all need to kill something to eat meat,people need to get over it and let us make our own choices

  • Humans are omnivores through evolution.

    The case for humans to eat meat is simple, we have and there is no reason to stop. By our very evolutionary nature, we are ancestors that could neither comprehend nor care of any moral implications to killing and eating other animals. Our digestive tracts are made to handle meats of a very large variety purely for this reason.

  • If animals can eat meat, why can't we?

    I think that as humans our bodies require a certain amount of animal meat to survive. We break it down and gather protein, nutrients, good stuff from their bodies. I don't agree with animal cruelty, I don't believe we should wear fur coats, but what's wrong with having a cheeseburger?

  • People forget we are animals

    The idea that animals eat meat is not controversial at all. So I do not think the idea that humans--an animal--eats meat should be any more controversial, and this is coming from a vegetarian. I do think humans shouldn't eat as much meat, and excessive meat might very well be the root of many of our health problems.

  • Humans Should Eat meat

    We should eat meat. Its healthy and it controls the population of animals. Every day at least 9 billion chickens are born and 9.5 million cows are born just in america. Us humans our born rate is very small compared to animals we have a 4.2 million humans born every year. If we dont kill animals we would have know place to go.

  • If we weren't meant to eat meat, it wouldn't be so delicious.

    We find it tasty because we're supposed to eat it! It's great being on top of the food chain. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

  • No choice is fully right or wrong

    Hey. Im a non vegiie here......
    I dont understand something... Why do vegans and non vegans go around bashing each other.....
    To be honest its more like a discussion between an atheist and a religious person.
    For any person to assume that they are all knowing and right and are behaving for the wellness of enviournmnt is kinda really stupid.
    We dont really live long enuf to know d opposite,
    what we considered a a non living thing 100 yrs back isnt considered a non living anymore.
    We dont know how far the ripples of our actions go.
    To assume any ones of us to be completly and utterly right is very immature.
    None of us know even 50% of our own human bodies... Let alone of that of plants and animals.
    How do ve know we arn't torturng the plants... Because it doesnt scream help ?
    Does it mean that killing a paralysed dumb and deaf human is fine... For all the people assuming that its morally wrong to kill animals but not plants.. It hypocritical when specially when w dont know much.
    For all the non vegetarians who say its a must to eat non vegie... Dat is stupid too
    no choice is fully right or wrong... And to believe we have all the answers to all the arguemnts and questions is so stupid.

  • Humans should be able to choose to eat me

    Yes humans should have the choice to eat meat. We have been eating meat in some form for thousands of years. Meat has a lot of nutrients that we can't get from other sources. We should limit cruelty to the animals we eat but we should have the right to eat meat.

  • Vegetarians? More like vegetables!

    YOU VEGGIE KILLERS! All plants have feelings, i saw on tv that they experience fear and love. You can't see it because the plants dont have defining physical features. Just know vegetarians, everytime you bite a leaf, it screams. Also meat is tastie and i love it so everyone else should.

  • Humans should not eat meat

    Because of the environmental aspects people should not eat meat. Cows produce methane. Methane is about three times more toxic to Earth's atmosphere than Carbon Dioxide. Also, many animals are brutally killed and during their small lifetime are packed full of steroids which make them grow faster. To add to this, meat if burnt is cancer causing. In fact, that big mac WILL come back to haunt you...

  • Not healthy at all.

    Great apes have slicers, have 500 pounds of muscle but still do not eat meat. You get more nutrients and Omega 3s from avocados, seeds, and other sources. It's torturous and cruel with manipulative people who don't even want their practices aired so most aren't allowed to do so and they are even demanding regulations on recordings right now. Think of it as you. Evolve!

  • Not Good For You

    No, humans should not eat meat. People would be much healthier if they stuck strictly to grains, fruit and vegetables in their diets. The vitamins and antioxidants in a fruit, grain and vegetable diet would help our immune systems to work better, decrease cell degradation and sharpen mental acuity. Sticking to an all fruit, vegetable and grain diet would just improve our overall health.

  • There is no good reason to.

    Being able to eat meat is not a good reason to do so. Out bodies do not require it, they simply have the ability to digest it. That is why all humans, regardless of diet, are omnivores - we are all able to digest both plants and meat.

    As to reasons why we implicitly should not eat meat - simply, the factory farming system we currently use to produce our meat causes very real pain and suffering to millions of animals, throughout their lives until their slaughter. These are lives that are created by human intervention via artificial insemination, whose well-being is not looked after beyond what is profitable, that suffer mutilation without anesthetic to reduce costs, and are led to slaughter for no other reason than to feed human appetites for meat.

    The animal's suffering is not necessary, and therefore is barbaric. To fund this practice by purchasing meat in full knowledge of these practices is equally barbaric.

  • humans shouldn't eat meat

    Animals deserve the same rights as humans. Mechanically our teeth are not even meant to eat meat. We are only able to because of technology. Animals are mistreated and tortured every day because of our carelessness, so why kill innocent creatures if we do not have to? Why not just stop eating meat altogether?

  • Would you eat your dog?

    We would never consume animals we are close to. So why consume anything with parents? We do not need to kill animals to live. That is just selfish. Sure, it tastes good. Sex also feels good. We don't go around having sex with anyone we can find (Well, we shouldn't anyway). Vegetarians live longer. Vegetarians have a 40% less chance of getting cancer.

  • Just because we can doesn't mean we should

    I was brought up vegan, i know many healthy vegans/vegetarians- we don't just drop dead because we don't eat meat. We are PERFECTLY HEALTHY and CAN survive easily off a plant based diet (which is arguably much healthier when well-planned: definitely healthier than the average meat eater i assure you). And so, when you acknowledge the immeasurable amount of suffering and death inflicted upon billions of animals each year, mainly factory farmed- how on earth can you justify your eating habits? How the hell can it be justified when we can thrive perfectly healthily on a veggie/vegan diet?? It's beyond me. It either makes you heartless or utterly selfish and ignorant. There are many arguments for and against why humans should eat meat but at the end of the day we have evolved into so-called compassionate beings- we understand when an animal suffers and understand the concept of something being 'necessary' as opposed to just being for pleasure. People eat meat for pleasure only, for taste, that's it- it's certainly not necessary and we can live a perfectly healthy life without it. Regarding diet- humans can survive with or without meat- equally healthily depending on the person. Regarding the ethics of eating meat- there is absolutely no excuse for it and it's a disgusting, selfish industry which exemplifies the utter selfishness and collective evil of humanity.

  • Look into my eyes.

    Meat causes environmental problems and health issues, but we are one. Pigs are like our pets too.
    They can't be free and explore the world. They are smart, and their babies are taken away from them. There's no good reason to continue eating meat. Would you like to be born to die?

  • Eating Meat is Digesting Pain and Suffering.

    Eating meat supports the destruction of the world. (diseases from eating meat, Unhealthy) earth ( Slaughter houses + excretion & feed for animals is destroying the earth, Rivers and oceans) Animals are being tortured every minute, If you watch the videos and you have the knowledge that these animals are suffering and you continue to consume meat products, You are digesting pain and suffering and have not one ounce of compassion, You have joined the ranks of the uncaring, Selfish, Self absorbed individuals that make up most of this unforgiving planet. We Vegans are trying to save it while you laugh at us in your ignorance & continue to destroy.

  • It makes you SICK

    Seriously!! If you eat too much meat you could get Cancer,Type 2 diabetes,and a shit ton of Kidney and heart diseases!And according to USGS it takes 2,00 gallons of water to make 1 pound of beef ONE POUND,and 500 gallons for ONE Pound of chicken . Without the meat industry there would be NO water crisis!

    Thank you for reading.
    And other stuff

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