Should humans invent time travel as a learning tool to view moments from our past?

  • Yes, humans should invent time travel.

    I think it would be a cool thing for humans to invent time travel to be able to explore our past and maybe the future. I think that there would be so much things that can be learned and be beneficial for humanity. I do not think it is possible though.

  • Yes, it makes History classes more tangible

    Yes, humans should invent time travel as a learning tool. It's a common complaint among students that History classes are just about learning facts, and they don't see the importance. If people could understand exactly how events happened and experience the drastically different cultures, they would realize just how important it is, which would greatly help them to learn.

  • That Would Be Amazing

    I think it would be simply amazing if we could invent time travel as a learning tool to view moments from out past. I would love to see what Jesus of Nazareth really looked like. I would also like to go back and see what really happened at Roswell. The only downfall to this suggestion is the fact that we're almost certain that it's impossible to go back in time.

  • Time travel is a bad idea.

    This is a bad idea. If time travel existed, time would get messed up. Someone would cause something really bad to happen and then the future would be changed. Leave the past as it is. And anyway, most scientists believe that it is only possible to travel into the future, not the past

  • The would make things worse

    It would be nice to do these things, but people would mess up the past. Which means, they would really mess up the future. People may learn, but they would also interfere. Someone would try to change history by thinking they could stop some catastrophic event. Other people would be greedy, and try to get their family wealthy, so they would be wealthy by the time they were born.

  • No, I don't think humans should invent time travel to view moments from our past.

    I think inventing time travel to view moments from our past would be a dangerous thing, who knows what small change could be caused by us interrupting the past that could potentially snowball into major changes, the butterfly effect, I think we have more then enough information in historical records on how major events in history went down.

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