• Yes we should

    Human beings are naturally omnivorous organisms who eat both plants and a other animals for energy and nourishment. Although we can choose not to eat one or the other, it is only natural for humans to kill and eat other animals. It's part of nature and the food chain, and there is nothing wrong with it.

  • We are the top. We eat what we choose.

    We are omnivores. We eat both animals and plants. If you want to only eat fruit and vegetables that's fine but you will not take my meat away from me. Humans have hunted for most if not all of our existence on this planet and it isn't going to stop now.

  • Plants are living organisms as well as animals.

    When you forcefully rip a vegetable out of its home in the ground and eat it , it undergoes physical pain, just like animals. Vegetarianism is the equivalent of genocide against plants, due to the fact that you have to murder more plants to equal the amount of energy you would receive by eating a plant. Just because fruits and vegetables don't walk around and say "moo" it doesn't mean that they are less of living organisms or that their lives are less valuable than that of cute, furry animals.

  • Our bodies need it

    Our bodies need protein. If it wasn't right then why would it be happening from other animals? A lion eats a zebra. Just the way things go. And humans eat a ton of things. We need the meat as part of out diet. It's just the way things are and the ways things always have been.

  • I'm A Christian As Well As Sensible

    The Bible encourages us to partake of the Earth's animals as well as its plants for food. If you're not convinced as to the vast amount of health benefits of eating meat, then have a look at these:


    How can consuming animals be such a crime if we're specifically designed to eat them as well as plant material? Besides there are very, very many other animals out there that do the same thing- carnivore species amount to about 250.

  • We are omnivores.

    We are made to eat plants and animals. Eating both gives diversity to our diet and taste. To not eat both types of living things would be to ignore our very nature. Humanity will continue to consume other living organisms until we invent a replicator like in Star Trek. It's our nature and you cannot change an animal's nature.

  • Yes, It's Natural

    As humans, we have evolved/adapted to be omnivores. We are meant to eat meat and vegetables both, as sources of vital nutrients. If the topic at hand is meant to raise the issue of animal rights, or ethics, then I fully agree that people should be more involved in where their meat comes from. If the issue is that it is wrong to take a life, then plants are just a different kind of life. It simply doesn't make sense to argue that humans should never eat meat, when that is precisely what omnivores are naturally able to eat.

  • It is part of life

    Animals should be killed quick and painless and don't kill endangered animals but the others are fine. If we don't kill animals, We would not get any meat and thy would eat our crops. It is part of life. We were made for a reason and animals were made for us.

  • It is an option:

    And say we stop eating meat, what do you plan to do with all the farm animals, most will no longer have a purpose/reason for farmers to keep looking after them? They have no habitats to go back to.

    Even if every person become a vegan, we will still be killing animals for pet food, or do you plan to turn your pets into vegans too?

    Have a look at this website:

    I am not saying eating meat is right or wrong, its an individuals choice whether they choose to eat meat or not but it is wrong to try and force everyone who disagrees with you to your way of thinking.

    Aside from that, there are plenty of animals that are killed for varying reasons not just their meat: Sport/Hunting/poaching and so far the laws have failed to stop those from happening.

    As for being at the top of the food chain, we are only at the top when we have a weapon in our hands, without that you are just as vulnerable as any other animal to predators.

    And with the worlds coming food shortages we can hardly give up on a large amount of the food supply. Humans have been killing animals for thousands of years only recently have people had the luxury of a choice between the foods they want to eat and that's mostly in the wealthier more developed county's.

    There are plenty of people who do not get enough food to eat in the world, people still die from hunger in the 21 century, while people continue to whine.

  • Animals have rights!

    Farm Animals are living things that need to eat just like us , but you don't see them killing humans and eating them! They survive by eating plants. When you're eating meat you're not just eating a living thing, you're killing an animals mom,dad or even child! These days animals are born to die. It's not fair. They have rights just like us. Just because they can't speak , doesn't mean that their voices can't or won't be heard!

  • You need to look no further than animal rights to know where you'd stand on slavery.

    No, humans shouldn't kill animals and eat them. There is no defense for this. Absolutely none. We don't need meat and factory farming kills over 58 billion animals each year. I don't know about you, but that's a lot of animals being fed and slaughtered pointlessly. Gee, imagine if we fed ACTUAL PEOPLE this food instead. Furthermore, I think we should also talk about methane and how much all those cows we're creating and killing contributes to legitimate environmental problems. So not only is this immoral and apathetic, but it's legitimately destructive and irresponsible. But fine, I'm sure you're incredibly selfish, spoiled arguments on entitled want totally has more value than the lives of 58 billion animals and the environment which we have a responsibility to.

    Just like slavery you were born in a time where a terrible institution existed, and you'll do anything to defend it. How can you even begin to defend this when I just bring up 58 billion alone?

  • No! They do not have the right to.

    Humans do not have the right to slaughter animals on the own land that they inhabited for many years before us. If you would like to support the theory that man is evil then go ahead and do so. The animals cannot make desicions for themselves and eat other animals to survive, but humans are better than that. We are intelligent beings that have many options. We can eat other things like vegetables and things we produce instead of killed animals. We should not be selfish. We are at the top of the food chain with nothing else trying to kill us and I think that we take that for granted.

  • I Can't See Why

    It is often argued that we are omnivores, and therefore it is our G-d given right to eat meat. Frankly, it is our G-d given right to do a hell of a lot of things that we shouldn't. Just because we can, doesn't mean we should. Ex., I am perfectly capable of going right inside from my porch, taking out a butcher knife, walking across my backyard, and chopping up my neighbor as she works in her garden. Does that mean that I is what I should do, or what I am going to do? Nope! Unfortunately, this scenario is not far off from what we DO do with animals; it may make it sound impossibly heinous, but what we are doing is impossibly heinous.

    For one thing, we have a perfect ability to eat vegan and vegetarian diets with ridiculous ease. There are some people who are exceptions to this; suffers of celiac disease, for example, or those who are allergic to all legumes, or even only soy, would have a really tough time being vegan, and vegetarian would be a struggle. I am not going to argue that they shouldn't eat meat, because it is imperative that some animal protein, whether it be cheese or some lean chicken remains in their diet until we can find a better alternative. Ignoring people like that (for the time being) we can look at how one survives as such. I am a plant based eater - I do have some cheese, but am largely vegan. I have many vegetarian friends, and my mother is essentially vegetarian as we are a two person family. My best friend, a vegetarian, is a state track champion with a 4.7 GPA who plays 7 instruments and is first chair in every single one of them that she plays in a band or orchestra with, and is in incredible shape. Hard to argue she's suffering from this diet. A person I play viola with is a triathlon runner who just graduated from an IB program and is going onto a full ride at Oregon State; vegan. I run and maintain a 4.5 GPA, while playing four instruments. My friend It (that's what I call him, it's not his name) is a vegetarian who goes to the most prestigious arts school in the state and does sports all over because his school doesn't offer it. I put no extra time or money into my diet. None of my friends do either. It's not hard, and besides my epilepsy, which I've had since before I went vegetarian, and has been improved by my new diet, we are the pictures of health. I have heard the horror stories of vegetarian women who go infertile or vegans with anemia. This is either caused by a poor diet, or a pre-existing or unrelated condition caused the problems they have now, unless they are something along the lines of what I fore mentioned; a celiac.

    I've written too much; finishing in comments.

  • We have no reason to destroy the environment nor our own health and morals by consuming meat

    Meat consumption is not sustainable nor moral due to at least following reasons:
    -We do not need meat in our diet: vegan food is delicious and can be made significantly healthier than any omni diet
    -Eating meat is making people sick with severe illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. This is not only sad when we lose our loved ones, but it also significantly increases healthcare costs for everyone, including those who choose not to eat animal products.
    -Feeding and raising cattle is depriving food and natural resources such as forests and water not only from the rich countries but particularly from poor developing countries.
    -We feed animals plants that could feed the population of the whole planet. Consequently, only a portion of the population feeds on the flesh of the animals grown eating plants. Hence, by choosing to eat meat, we support starvation of people in developing countries.
    -Meat consumption is overwhelming the planet and one of the most pressing issues speeding global warming, which will escalate in the very near future. Hence, by eating meat we are depriving our children and their offspring from a future on this planet as we know it.
    -Animals feel pain, happiness, empathy and other feelings like humans. In fact, we humans are animals too, which is showcased in the most basic lessons of biology. Luckily, we are equipped with highly advanced moral judgement abilities. Thus, why would a highly advanced species unnecessarily choose to kill others sentient beings causing them suffering, loss, deprivation and pain?
    -Humans' anatomy (teeth, calves and gut) is not very well suitable to hunt or digest meat. It resembles other vegetarian animal's, like a chimp's system. Omnivore animals' teeth and guts are completely different from ours. Furthermore, humans do not have the ability to hunt and eat an animal with their bare hands- in fact, if we would not die trying, eating fresh meat, fur and other animal substances would likely make us sick. In comparison, we can get apples, nuts, and beans from the nature and eat them fresh and enjoy a healthy long life.
    -The only real reason we eat meat is because we are used to doing so, just like a smoker can be used to his/her bad habits. The difference is, by continuing on the same old path, we are not only hurting ourselves, we are hurting everyone on the planet and those who come after us.
    -As highly advanced and moral beings we are able - and obligated- to make a change for the better.

  • Why are you eating meat?

    Why do you need meat when you have lots of other food.Animals are made to live not die,just like that!Why do we need egg when we have flour and lots of other things,remember when your eating egg your eating a dead chick!🐣Be happy you have food but animals have to find food,when you have it just laying there.

  • I love animals.

    If you love someone, will you eat them? I don't kill and eat them just because I love them. I have a dog, through the dog, I think animals also have feelings and emotion and they also love me. The animals are not goods, they are our friends. We should love each other together.

  • No right to

    Humans don't need meat to survive. Basically....You know what? @TheFoxWolf ditto.

    I just agree with what TFW is saying 100%. And now, I'm just filling some space due to the minimum word count. Yay. Filler filler filler more filler. Even more filler. Filler. Filler even more filler filler filler. Yay.

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