Should humans stop depending too much on technology?

Asked by: Sonicracer14
  • It's getting scary

    Kids these days don't even know how to interact without their phones. Many spend hours and hours every day on their phones and computers.

    People need to relearn how to interact, how to have fun and how to use their imaginations.

    Many people can't even go to the toilet without their smartphone. Rehab clinics are now treating phone addictions.

  • People assume technology is always for the best

    While not really true, people assume that any step in technology is for the best advancement of mankind. This actually proves my point that we became too dependent on technology. The luddites (textile workers against machines) are seen as either evil or unfavorable in the light of masses of mankind.

  • There is something called too much

    Students, teens, and even adults depend to much on technology. There are so many things that can go wrong with it. Think for instance a cash register what if it goes down for some stupid reason? Most people cant count the cash back. Another example in schools there are so many schools going to computers and for others its harder to do work because of it. Also with this point what happened to pen and paper? I know its easier to other people because hey no heavy books right? But think about the others who cant really afford it and may be failing because of it. Phones are another big issue for depending on technology. A little kid has a iphone? Hello? Parents where are you? Dont feel bad because you didn't have one when you were little. Teach your kids that technology isn't everything because now you are going to spoil them and most of them might become brats.

  • Technology evolves our species.

    It's important to remember that "technology" is a very broad term. Simple machines, stone tools, even wheels are considered technological implements. There is absolutely nothing wrong with inventing something useful and then integrating it into your daily life. How about you give an example of one society that collapsed because it became too reliant on technology?

    Perhaps humans depend too much on social networking or fossil fuel, but to say that we depend too much on technology (by extension) saying that we are too reliant on sedentary agriculture and dairy farming. It just doesn't make sense to proclaim.

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