Should humans stop eating animals and become vegetarians?

  • Why should people eat animals, if animals don't eat people?

    I detest how people mistreat animals like this. I mean, isn't it just cruel to take away an animals precious little life just to be eaten? Isn't it cruel? I mean, if animals don't eat us, we shouldn't eat animals. It is just cruel! Why should we eat animals? It isn't fair, and everything should be fair. Animals aren't just playthings of humans, you know. They are breathing and living things just like us.


    How is it fair that we kill all those innocent animals and let humans live? They are living creatures who deserve lives and respect! When God created us all, he created us so that we could live in peace with animals and eat fruit from trees, like Adam and Eve did for a bit in the garden of Eden. Now, we're slaughtering innocent animals who never did anything wrong just so that we could satisfy our evil greed. What I hate is that our selfish, evil greed is taking away another living creature's life? HOW THE HELL IS THAT FAIR?

  • What about the animals?

    Animals are kept in awful conditions and treated appallingly just so the meat eaters can eat them. The animals go through a painful short life which isn't fair. All animals have feelings, and most of them are quite intelligent, but we humans portray them as dumb, worthless, things. Pigs are more intelligent as dogs, and cows get excited and jumps around when they figure out a problem. Chickens are probably the most abused animals in the whole world, even though they are clever, and they even worry about the future. It's disgusting that all animals are precious, yet they know no freedom, and some never even see the sunlight. I saw a cow getting killed for meat, it's head was hanging off, but it was still alive and in pain. I don't understand how anyone could eat any part of any animal after seeing that.

  • There are other options NOW!!

    Soy meat has become so good there is no need to eat a poor animal to get enjoyment out of food. Veggie burgers, soy beef, chicken. It's all really good and no one gets hurt. How many times have you eaten a burger or chicken in a restaurant and it had an odd, sour taste. That's the taste of death.

  • Animals are not Meant to be Eaten.

    I highly disagree with the posts stating things such as "animals were placed on this earth to be eaten" and "it is not inhumane and unethical." Animals have been placed on this Earth to enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle just as each and every one of us humans wishes for and strives to achieve. If you believe it is okay to kill an animal for your own consumption then it should not be considered immoral for animals to kill humans for their consumption either. It is unfortunate that animals don’t acquire the physical capabilities that we do. We take advantage of them because of this. Remember that all animals have emotional intelligence- just as we do- they have the ability to love, to care for, to feel compassion, and much more. For those of you who don’t feel any remorse for these animals that die for our selfish needs, I ask you to imagine yourself slaughtering an animal. Picture yourself walking up to an innocent calf sitting beside its mother. Snatch it away and tie it by its legs. Slice its head off as you stare into its innocent brown eyes. If this does not trigger any source of pain/sorrow in your heart, then you are a truly remorseless and cold hearted person. Don’t try to argue this fact either- it’s the truth and that will not change. Animals deserve a right to live peacefully on this earth without corrupt humans like the many that are on this earth that unrightfully snatch their lives away from them in the most gruesome way possible.

  • Everybody should become vegetarian as soon as possible.

    There is no logical argument for eating meat and other animal products.
    We must become vegan for these reasons:
    At first for animal rights.
    At second for our environment, for example for the air and water pollution and heating the earth.
    At third for resolving starvation in the world.
    At fourth for our health.
    There are many other reasons too but I have only said 4 reasons for becoming vegan.

  • Eating animals is inhumane and unethical.

    There is NO need to get your vitamins, Iron and protein from meat anymore. Vegetables are a far better source. We are not made to eat meat, we just do because that is "How we were raised!" It is an out of date myth that you need milk to grow strong bones - too much leaches calcium from the bones and blocks arteries.

    The SAD diet that has become the 'norm' all over the world is killing people everyday. We can not support the costs of the meat, the shipping, the fuels, the planes, the land being given over to such a huge and expensive industry of cattle and farming. There is no reason anymore that people should continue to eat meat. We know the facts, we see the cruelty, we read the medical advice and see doctors too. I as a vegan will not support the meat industry ever again. There is no good reason to, and my body is much healthier for not eating meat. Lots of animals produce milk too, but we don't go around suckling a horse, or sell breast milk do we? Cows and horses have HUGE teeth, but they don't eat each other or other animals - so to put it short, there goes the "but we have canines argument..." If eating meat was so right, then why do so many people not do it? If drinking milk was the way forward for strong bones, why do we still have osteoarthritis? There needs to be much more done to support agriculture and organic farming and get people their health back to support the NHS, and stop the cruelty to animals. People only fear what they don't understand, when you see the difference in your own mind and body without meat in it, then you understand.

  • Don't eat animals

    How would you like it if you were kept in a cage without freedom, waiting for a painful death? To you it's just meal, to them it's life itself. End a living thing's life just because it makes your tongue feel good, is the most selfish, stupidest thing i've ever heard of.

  • Human body is designed for a vegetarian diet.

    The human intestines are 16-29 feet long and wind round and round. This is typical of a herbivore (grass eater). Carnivores always have short, straight intestines. This means they pass out the waste from the meat before it rots. In humans it remains in the digestive system too long.

  • We don't need to eat animals anymore.

    Could you actually kill an animal yourself and eat it? I think not. It's only because it's disguised, packaged nicely and convenient that most people eat it. If you were to see the horror of the killing and the fear those animals face, then you would think twice. I'm 50 years of age and have been vegetarian for more than half my life. I am fit, slim and healthy. I won't be responsible for the death of an animal. I don't have that right.

  • I have canine teeth, thus I am a meat eater.

    I have canine teeth, thus I am a meat eater. There is a food chain, I like being on top. Besides, cows eat my grass which brings me air. Not saying we should go on a killing rampage but lets think about this. What do lions eat? Why do they eat them? Population control.

  • God made the animals to be eaten.

    The animals should be eaten because God make them to be eaten, and if we don`t kill them what we will eat? If a man is in the middle of nowhere, and a lion comes to you and attacks you, you will be dead, so if you are in the middle of nowhere you will need to kill an animal.

  • No Way Man

    The reason why vegetarians do what they do is because eating meat is killing a innocent animal right? Well, eating plants is killing an innocent plant. Plants are alive you know. You have to water and feed them just like an animal. So basically, if you don't wanna kill anything you eat, then no human can eat anything. Plants are alive and animals are alive. Those poor plants, being ripped from their roots and eaten.

  • People need meat for protein.

    Vegetarians don't get enough protein and this can cause many issues. People need to eat meat to get strong. Meat has many vitamins. People who don't eat meat do not have as much energy. Some symptoms of not enough protein are edema, pale skin, skin rashes, weakness, slow healing, difficulty sleeping, and thinning of hair. PEOPLE NEED TO EAT MEAT.

  • Of course not.

    Animals do not possess personhood. They are organic machines. Whether or not we cause them pain is irrelevant, as pain is simply a stimuli response telling organisms that they're in danger. Pain is only bad if it causes suffering to people, and it only causes suffering to people because we understand pain psychologically - something beyond any animal, even one that was a person.

    Posted by: Kali
  • Where's the Protein?

    You can't possibly believe that all people in the world let alone the United States would stop eating market animals and go vegetarian or vegan. It's so highly unlikely to happen. For example: A large part of Spain's history revolves around bullfighting. Spain won't simply give it up because it's cruelty to the bull. Bullfighting is part of Spain's history just like raising livestock for consumption has always been the way to survive. Eating meat provides vast options of protein and it's delicious. Also, where would we put all the animals that have already been raised. We can't release them into a random habitat. Livestock that was originally already being raised and being fed and supported by us will not be able to survive in their habitats. And yes the coyotes or wolves or what ever carnivore you have in your state/country will eat them, but this will cause the carnivores to spread because we can't shoot them because that's animal cruelty. An overpopulation of animals is ridiculous and eventually all animals will take over the humans and we will be the extinct ones. Like I said If we were all vegetarians and vegans we would die.

  • Humans were made to eat meat and vegetables.

    It is natural for humans to eat meat, just as natural as it is for us to eat vegetables and fruits. Our eating of meat helps to control over-population, it keeps the food chain balanced, and it is just a natural thing to do. Mankind has always eaten meat, just like the cavemen. They would never have survived off berries for their entire lives. Most vegetarians take pills to get the nutrients needed to live... nutrients that come from meat. Isn't that obvious enough that we need meat naturally? Some people like to argue that our appendix has shrunken and shriveled up because we have been introducing different kinds of chemicals into our meat to make it taste better, but that is completely wrong. Our appendix no longer works because we no longer eat raw meat. It was used to take out the toxins from raw meat when we didn't know how to cook it, long ago. But now that humans have learned how to cook meat, and get the toxins out of it themselves before consuming it, the appendix no longer serves a purpose. And as evolution goes, "If you don't use it, then you lose it." Our appendix has naturally shriveled up from generations of humans cooking meat instead, and that is why most doctors will go ahead and snip it out of our bodies if we were ever to have some type of stomach problems where they need to go in and fix it. It is best to get rid of it early, because it can burst later in life and spread toxins throughout the body. The point is, humans have always eaten both meat and vegetables On that diet we have built huge cities, nations, developed religions, languages, literature, and much more, so why should we suddenly just change and starting eating all vegetables? We have done very well so far eating meat. If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

  • Are you in a religious cult?

    The vegans are mixing up the question of whether we should eat meat and whether the way animals are slaughtered for meat consumption should continue. These are two separate issues.

    Their argument can be summarized as such: I saw a video where animals were slaughtered in a cruel way, the same animals that we will later buy for consumption. It made me feel terrible, therefore, all animal killing is wrong, and no animal should ever be killed again.

    The way in which an animal is slaughtered has nothing to do with the question of whether it's okay for humans to eat meat as part of their diet. So from now on, can the vegan side please argue your point without mentioning slaughter houses, or telling us about sad pig videos?

    If your only argument is that slaughter houses should kill animals more humanely, then you might win a few people over to your side, but that’s not an argument to stop eating meat. Maybe as a protest you decided to stop eating meat in order to financially hurt the industry so that they would change their practices, and you’re trying to get others to join you. I’m not going to join you, but at least it’s an honest argument and you could raise awareness about the slaughter practices and get some laws changed. But don’t go crazy and start calling other people “evil” because they enjoy a good steak. Laws really aren’t going to work for you because a dead cow is still a dead cow regardless of how it was killed. When I’m at the grocery store I’m not thinking of the pig video, I’m thinking of the carnitas I’ll be eating tonight. As long as I’m not going to get sick, it’s all good to me. If you’re so passionate about the killing practices, maybe you should start a ministry for slaughterhouse employees to teach them how to humanely kill an animal. It could be your own chapter of the Humane Society, except you’re not saving any animals, just helping people not to become like them. Oh, and if you advocate some law to enforce the humane killing of animals for food consumption, which would require an enforcement agency, then I don’t want it because it will make the price of food go up to fund the agency. Stick to your ministry.
    .Just to be clear, I think the emotions and feelings you had when you watched the videos were natural. I think I would probably feel the same way, which is why I don't want to see these videos in the first place. So your feelings are valid, but it has nothing to do with whether humans should eat meat.

    So is it okay for humans to consume meat? Yes, the world has been doing it for thousands of years. Now, I understand that meat consumption and the quantity you eat could have both a positive or negative affect for different people. But it’s all across the board. There isn’t any one rule on meat consumption that fits everyone, so don't try to argue that it's all negative. It's not. I had a great uncle that lived over a hundred years and loved a rare steak. Eating a reasonable amount of meat two or three times a week is not "bad" for the human body.

    Is it legal for humans to eat meat? Yes. Meat consumption is allowed under the law in every nation.

    So let’s recap: It's physically ok and legal to consume meat as part of your diet

    Now with those facts established, let's try to summarize the vegan’s actual point as to why consuming meat is wrong. They believe that the killing of animals is immoral. That's it. That’s their main argument. It's a moral argument. One they take to the extreme by desiring that everyone in the world “feel” the same way as they do. Sort of like a religious zealot or a communist with a fascist bent because if you don’t agree with them, they label you as evil. In fact, many of them talk about ridding the world of humans because of our negative impact on the world. They believe humans are an evil race, but they are among the enlightened few that have been “converted” to understand that all animals are equal and should be allowed to live as they see fit in the wild (Tell that to the wildebeest when it’s neck is in the mouth of the lion).

    Since it’s a moral argument for them, it really is like a religion. They want you to join their cult of conciseness to end the killing of all animals. They want you to believe like them.

    Now if you’re a vegetarian for “religious” purposes, I respect that and I won’t try to force you to eat meat. I’m not going to try and pass a law making meat-eating mandatory. I’ve met many respectful vegetarians that are NOT out to convert me. However, I’ve also met people who won’t stop arguing about why it’s wrong to eat meat and continually imply that you’re evil if you do. Seriously, they are like the Al-Qaida of the vegan religion. Their goal seems to be the extermination of the human race in order to save all the animals and the world from our wickedness. Beware of these people. Do not give them a foothold in society; do not elect them to political office. They are passionate and they are scary. They hate humans. They want to reduce the amount of humans on the earth. They hate you because you refuse to stop meat consumption even after all the “moral” reasons they spew forth. You are not a believer. They want to convert the world or rid the world of non-converts. If you eat meat, you are morally repugnant to them. You are a murderer and yet you have no remorse for your sin. It is an evil religion because they would actually prefer killing humans in order to save animals, and they believe that it would be justified.

    Now, if that’s NOT the type of vegetarian you are, then I wish you well. I would welcome you as a neighbor, and I would try to accommodate your diet if we ever ate together.

    To the fascist vegan, however...Listen, I eat meat. I have two cats that I love. I don’t think that’s a contradiction no matter what you say. When my cat dies, and eventually it will, I will be sad. When I purchase a pound of ground beef from the local Safeway, I am not sad. In fact I’m happy thinking of the hamburgers I’ll be eating that night. I like barbecue chicken. I don’t like to watch animals being slaughtered, but I enjoy a good steak. I love the movie Charlotte’s Web, it still makes me tear up. I also like pork fried rice. I would eat pork fried rice and watch Charlotte’s Web and not have a problem with it. I like scrambled eggs. I enjoy fried fish. I like feeding my cats some of the fish. They love it. I like dipping Oreo cookies in a glass of milk that came from a cow whose only purpose to its owner is to produce milk. I’m okay with that. I use milk for my cereal. I like soups with cream in them. I like cream in my coffee. I use eggs in cookie and cake recipes and they taste delicious. My Grandma used eggs in her oatmeal cookie recipe and they were the best ever. I don’t buy substitute eggs because I don’t know how it will affect the taste of the recipe. I also don’t care if it would taste the same; I’m just not going to buy it. I think murder is wrong. I define murder as when one human kills another human on purpose. I love people. We’re all flawed, but I value human life over all other life, even murderers. If a man and a dog were both drowning, I would save the man first and then the dog. Always! Even if it was my dog or cat, human life comes first. I hate flies. I’ve killed lots of them. I’ve killed spiders too. I have no problem with it. I’ve killed a few mice with a mousetrap. I think this is a good thing because mice can carry disease, and so I don’t want them in my house. I once caught a fish and after bringing it home, it was still alive. I tried to revive the fish in my bathtub, but it eventually died. I felt bad. Later that night my family had fish for dinner and I joined them. Fish tastes good. I sleep well at night. NOTHING YOU SAY WILL CONVINCE ME TO STOP EATING MEAT!

    Most likely you too ate meat when you were younger until someone converted you to join the fascist vegan cult because they made you feel guilty. Do you hate yourself? How do you forgive yourself? Are there vegan priests that can absolve your sin? (Yes, I’m mocking you.) Over the years after watching the videos and reading the countless reams of religious material, you’ve convinced yourself that killing animals is wrong. Ok. So how’s this this working for you? Are you happy? How many converts do you have now? Do you like living a life with a purpose to make people feel guilty...for something that they enjoy eating? Eating? Foods they’ve eaten all their lives? Foods their parents and grandparents ate together. You’re not changing anyone’s mind. Do you understand your cause is equivalent to ridding the world of alcohol? Good luck, but it’s a lost cause, and you’re foolish if you actually believe you can do it.

  • We need balance in our diet

    While vegetables are much more healthy than meats, we humans we're created omnivores. We can have a more pro-vegetable diet however at some point we need meat in our diet because it has certain nutrients that veggies don't. Do we need to eat more veggies? Yes, I am guilty of not eating as many as I should, but we shouldn't completely stop eating meat. I don't know if this is a religious-moral based question but we do need balance in our diet. We can't live long eating one more than the other.

  • Should we really risk our health in return for feeling good about not killing animals?

    Vegetarians and Vegans choose not to eat meat because they feel guilty about it. What is more important? Health or feeling good about not killing animals? To me the obvious answer is health. For people who don't know, protein is important for any animal (including humans) to function properly. 67 percent of all the animals in the world eat other animals. Why should we feel guilty about it? It's all in the head. Personally, I think risking your health over some overridable thought in our heads is a foolish decision. But it's okay. Go ahead and degenerate your bodies for the sake of the "poor animals".

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Anonymous says2013-03-03T15:55:44.880
There are still more arguments on the Vegan side ;-)
June57 says2013-03-23T18:09:10.813
Wow. I didn't know there was that many vegetarians and vegans out there! The one thing I don't get (and somebody please explain this to me) is why Vegan's don't eat/drink any animal products, even if that is what the animal was born producing. (EX: Milk from a cow) I may be ignorant on this, but from my perspective I don't see how it affects the cow any. I can perfectly see why people would stop eating meat, or be mad if collection of animal products was done in a inhumane way, but most of the time this isn't the case.
Noswad63 says2013-03-27T02:11:52.770
The only thing an animal is good for is ending up on a platter, maybe when a cow makes a windmill it wont end up on my plate. Sentient animals have no reason for existing, even if we didnt kill them ourselves they would have a pointless life, living for a few dozen years eating grass doing nothing, mating, than dieing. Its better if we ate them and they served a purpose, which is feeding us.
diana.gutierrez says2013-04-19T18:27:56.690
Meat may be good for you, but could also cause certain disease.
Anonymous says2013-04-21T00:35:48.493
@Noswad63 : Then why not kill people who don't appear to be solving any purpose :| ? Also what makes you think that you are solving any purpose by living on earth for 80 years. It is just our self induced sense of self importance that makes us feel so.
Anonymous says2013-05-07T10:02:37.177
Yes we should go vegetarian people who are vegetarian have less health issues then those who eat meat and i should know i am vegetarian
Anonymous says2013-05-14T11:01:41.710
The way of love..Give live...Go veg..
Anonymous says2013-05-27T11:17:41.470
We human being should stop killing animals for our good only. We are going against the nature. There is a global worming. We have become so cruel and indifferent that we are not thinking of ourselves as well as coming generation. If we look back to history the world
was not cruel so much compare to present time. Moreover it is all wrong belief that meat has proteins and other nutrition value. Meat is not meant for human beings. Our digestion system is not suppose to digest non veg food. And neither there will be any scarcity of food too if every one becomes vegetarian.
Quan says2013-06-04T17:28:09.620
^ Eating animals is going against nature? We are more cruel today? I need to have a talk with your history teacher.
Anonymous says2013-07-12T03:48:16.630
This I must say: Mankind should not be suprised if one day WE become the animals, and WE get eaten and brutally killed by bigger and smarter species smarter than us, perhaps maybe by some extraterrastial life that can invade this planet and literally turn us into such animals. Or, a species here from earth that will turn up one day and rule over us and eat us.
Anonymous says2013-08-13T02:29:23.840
If some fine day, some other species evolve and become more intelligent and superior to humans, will they be allowed to catch our children/brothers/sisters/parents for food. And they can of course start human breeding and will start human farming for food.
lyka says2013-10-12T17:47:52.490
If you are concerned with animals, then what about the plants? I think that we should have a balanced diet.
thatoneguythatexists says2014-01-03T13:39:41.140
Really though, I have never understood why people think eating animals is bad but not plants. Could someone tell me why no one gives a crap about plants? I think it is very inhumane to kill plants as they are so defenseless and they are necessary for our survival as they go through photosynthesis and convert Co2 to O2. Animals could at least fight back. Humans need to became carnivores! VIVA LAS PLANTAS!
sodoff says2014-01-08T12:17:18.687
I think it's interesting to note that we still would kill animals for their hydes, eg making leather handbags, clothes, hats, ect. The native nomad americans were very conservative and great at sparing no waste. They ate buffalo meat yes, but only after they used the fur for tents and every single piece of the carcass was used for something. Eg medicine, face paint, ect. Heck, they even smoked the dung!

So my point is if we are killing Alligators and cows every year for their skins then what do we do with the meat? It would be a sin to waste it surely? So perhaps we should eat meat but only in proportion to the same animals killed for other uses. Then again, I'm against killing animals for fur and skin. It's a point I'd like to raise though.
Dilara says2014-05-03T18:23:34.470
Animals shouldn't have to die for our pleasure.. We're not in the I a age anymore. In America we can survive with out meat and if we do t have to kill the animal we shouldn't
onemanitoban says2014-05-27T05:03:11.673
Mankind evolved to eat meat. That's why we have canine teeth, we run on two legs, and have forward-facing eyes. Eating animals is not cruel or morally wrong, it's what nature designed us to do. In fact, scientists think one of the reasons mankind became so intelligent was because the dense protein concentration of meat fueled our brain growth. Also, there are several amino acids that humans require that ONLY come from meat. Why would we have those if we weren't designed to eat meat? Yes, slaughterhouses are cruel. Should something be done to change that? Absolutely. But not eating meat entirely is not the solution, it's just dumb!