Should humans stop eating meat and become vegetarians?

  • Kicking and screaming.

    How people even begin to justify a pointless industry that slaughters 56 billion animals I think perfectly paints a picture of how incredibly entitled and selfish we are. And after all this death, what are the arguments?

    So, let see. We usually start with fallacies.

    'The animals do it so why can't we!?'

    Naturally, we ignore the part where those animals that are eating other animals kind of don't have the privilege of having supermarkets and countless grocery stores at virtually every corner. Honestly, every time I get this appeal to nature all I hear is something along the lines of someone in a first world country whining on why they can't eat dogs.

    " :< It's not fair. Starving people can eat dogs. Why can't I?"

    I mean, doesn't this question practically answer its self?

    Then of course we move on to the classic 'do what we want' lie.

    'Don't force your morality on me! :< '

    Believe it or not, but I can actually tolerate people who eat meat despite how horrible of an industry it is. What I cannot accept, however, are these incredibly delusional excuses to try and defend it. That's usually when I begin to lose my patience.

    But you know, I will force my morality on you. Want to know why? Because I'm pretty sure a lot of you here that don't like my self-righteous stance are no better. When's the last time you lectured someone on a moral high horse because they were racist or homophobic? How about you are racist and homophobic and you tried to enforce your beliefs on those people? Or heck, even better, how about I hit up an issue in animal rights and bring up dog-fighting, bear-baiting, and Fox-hunting. Generally people don't defend those acts. Lets be honest here, it's not because vegetarians enforce their morality on people that they get the reputation of being obnoxious, it's because no one likes to be told that they're wrong and because we only happen to be a minority. As always, right or wrong, the majority continues throwing their rocks in their glass houses.

    Then inevitably we get to the downright insulting.

    'Well, what about all the vegetables we murder!?'

    First of all, we actually need vegetables, while we don't need meat. Second of all, we're not even completely sure if vegetables can even feel pain while it's inarguable that animals can. An industry that contributes countless health problems, kills 56 billion animals horrifically without any legitimate merit simply cannot be compared to another resource which is essential. Honestly, if you live off either meat or vegetarian I'd love to see how long you last with just the former before serious health complications.

    And the classic meat is healthy argument.

    'You guys look like twigs'

    And you guys look obese, greasy, and barbaric. I guess in comparison, twig don' look too bad. Oh, and some vegans are legitimately athletes, so your argument is nothing but a stereotype.

  • Too Lower Fat Intake

    Being vegetarian would be beneficial to help to cut the fat eaten daily. I think that not only will it help the environment and they treat animals bad but its us we have to worry about and not being so obese. Possibly every month has vegetarian week or day to help to ease into it.

  • Unsustainable and polluting

    I don't think it is a moral issue and I think the fundamentalism of most vegans works against the rational acceptance of vegetarian diets.

    Nevertheless, meat-eating as it is currently practiced in the world is simply unsustainable. Generally speaking, we spend fewer calories of than we create when we grow plants for food. In certain Chinese rice-growing communities, we have achieved rates of 50 calories created for every calorie spent. This is a food and energy surplus. It is sustainable and plant growth is generally good for the environment.

    Meat Eating, on the other hand (not including hunting), spends hundreds of calories for every calorie created. Beef is the worst at rates like 500-1000 calories spent to raise every calorie of beef. Furthermore, the pollution rates are unsustainable. US Beef consumption alone accounts for more greenhouse gas increases and resultant climate change than US automobile usage.

    We can either temper our practices now, or nature will force us to change under more violent conditions in the future.

  • You either voluntarily go Vegan or Natural will force you to do this.

    All you meat eaters, please consider the following.. I have 5 cats, all of which have claws to rip, and teeth to match, a short intestine to expel waste fast, these creature show no sign of disease on a diet of meat. However, give meat to humans and they make all the disease's you could wish for...

  • No the should not

    This would not be fair to all people because there are some people or most people out there that like meat. All the vegetarians have a choose but you could not just force everybody to not eat meat. And what do you think happens out in the wild? Animal eat other animals. Humans are still part of the food chain.

  • Humans are naturally omnivore's

    Since the beginning of time humans have been eating meat. We have canine teeth (carnivore teeth) made just for eating meat AND vegetables. Yes there are substitutes for meat but they are very unhealthy. Soy substitutes are TERRIBLE for men and women. And people have been saying that animals don't eat us soy why should we eat them, so you're saying it's only ok for an animal to eat another animal, but not ok if humans eat animals? ITS TOTAL BS

  • Meat is good

    Meat helps build a strong immune system. It can also help when you need to sleep. Without proper Iron from Red Meat, people can develop many different cases of insomnia. Insomnia is an awful experience if you have had it, you would know. We are completing the generous food chain.

  • Meat and vegetables are what you need

    Meat has vitamin b12 which your bodies need. When you become a vegerterian you have many disorders a such as eating disorders and many more i know all vegerterian will start pushing back with probably a great argument but were are just proving a stating that having meat and vegetables are the best diets. Yes being a vegerterian is healthy but is it as healthy as being and meat eater and a vegerterian. We all know how cute animals are and how we would not kill it if it was us but we should be grateful that there are animals. On this earth this is why God put them on. Please note that animals may be in harmful conditions but if you were so worried when you by chicken legs that ¥ou would track down and spend a long time finding out how it was treated. I hope i have changed your view or at least thought about it.

  • I'm sympathetic towards vegans, but they're still wrong.

    First of all, I'm indifferent towards the religious reasons for eating meat. That's a personal choice. And I'm 100% supportive of, at the very least, reforming the meat industry. The excessive production and consumption of meat is a major cause of global warming. And, I am against animal cruelty.
    But then again, vegans do fall short in several places. There is NO SOLID EVIDENCE that just eating plants is better or worse for our health. And when omnivores cite overpopulation problems , THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT ANIMALS LIKE DEER, FISH, AND RABBITS, not the industry animals like cows and pigs. So yes, the natural population of these animals would explode and cause major environmental problems. Industrial agriculture is about as unsustainable as the meat industry, because it destroys entire ecosystems, causes mass deforestation, and consumes massive amounts of water.
    From a moral perspective, how do we know where to draw the line? Isn't all life equally important? Plants may not have a conscious, nor feel pain, but they still strive to survive. Plants are sessile, so it doesn't make sense for them to be able to feel, because what could they do about it? Not run away. No, instead they have toxins in their leaves, spikes on their stems, and roots to hold them firm in the ground. Animals, on the other hand, have a consciousness and feel pain so they can run away from danger, BECAUSE THEY CAN ACTUALLY MOVE. All organisms have a will, whether that is a conscious, instictive, or innate will, to survive. So what gives you grounds to say that killing a plant is any different from killing an animal, if they are all trying, in some way, to survive? It is moral to kill other organisms, but not excessively, and in the most humane way possible.

  • I'm no professional,

    But I believe that meat is a valuable part to the human diet, We can sustain ourselves on other high-protein substances, but meat is usually more easily accessible. Yes, I find it a crime the way these animals are slaughtered, rather inefficiently and gruesomely, but it is such a large producer of revenue, that there is no way the world could just shut down all production of meat products. In a world of 7 billion people, we could not just all go *cold turkey* (Ha, haha)

    Meat, and especially food in general, is not just for consumption, it is tradition and a lifestyle choice in what we eat. Tradition can be broken, but it is extremely hard. Humans are suppose to eat meat. I agree with the user above me, and could quote the bible verse that speaks of this. But that would probably just send people int rages and fits. Instead, ill just say it is natural. What is not natural, however, is gigantic factories with illegal workers being imported and cow living knee deep in feces. Sometimes I think it would be nice to live in a simpler time, where I would have to hunt and kill food myself.

  • It's All About Choice

    You can be vegan, vegetarian, an omnivore, whatever. It is your choice and no one has the right to insult and belittle one another for their dietary choices. Some people are vegetarian because of health concern, but being vegan is mostly because of personal choice and not because of health.

  • Eating meat is natural for humans.

    People who eat meat should not feel bad about it because eating meat is part of Human Nature. Eating other animals is part of the circle of life and has been going on for millions of years so why stop now. I am not saying people MUST eat meat, nor should we be cruel to animals or eat endangered species. I am just saying it is a normal part of life

  • People need to realize we are a part of nature.

    I could name at least 3 studies that prove that meat is needed in moderation as a part of a healthy diet. Vegans are lacking in asparagine, Vitamin B12, and countless others. They have to take an expensive vitamin pill that probably came from an animal anyway.

    I try to avoid red meat because mammals have feelings. But any notion that lesser animals have feelings is absurd. There have been brain studies on dogs that prove they have feelings, but no such study on a chicken. It gets even stupider when they compare eating lobster to the holocaust. Nonsense!

    "All animals have the same parts" is absurd. That's like saying that a promotional pocket calculator has the same power as the new Mac Pro, because they have the same parts (semiconductors). They both are electronics, but you don't complain to Office Depot saying, "This pocket calculator is only 5 dollars. Why should I have to pay for this Mac Pro?"

    Same thing with humans/mammals vs lesser animals. They both are animals, but that doesn't mean we should treat everything that moves the same as a human.

    Sure, there are alternates, but why? Soy can feminize men and give cancer to women. Seitan (gluten-based meat substitute) requires about one whole pack of flour to make one little ball of "meat", plus it wastes water. It's practically the same as just giving the grains and water to the chicken, who will make it into something that TASTES good as well.

    Don't eat "meat," eat MEAT. Vegetarianism is paradoxical, illogical, irrational, self-denial, cruel, and doesn't fit with our species. We have canine teeth, not that straight row goats have.

  • You are a vegan arent you

    Eating meat is amazing so my evidence is it tastes good and youre a nub now i would like to go further into my points first it tastes good. The mcnuggetts at mcdonalds will suffer if this is a rule... Even though it does not use meat so go think about that idiot

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ScientificBeack says2014-01-26T04:12:04.800
I keep hearing this argument from vegetarians: "We do not eat meat because it is more ethical to not eat meat. This is because to get meat you must kill animals, which causes suffering. Also, the bad conditions they are kept in while they grow also causes them to suffer. Because we choose not to eat meat, we choose not to let them suffer. We are thus more ethical people than meat eaters."

While I can see how you don't want animals to suffer, what about PEOPLE suffering? Animals can suffer, but people can as well. In fact you could say that people in places like warzones or who are going through things such as civil unrest, famine, disease epidemics, and starvation suffer even more than most animals that are raised for meat.

Also, the amount of "suffering" humans bring onto animals is not even comparable to the amount of suffering animals bring to animals (isn't being killed by one shot through the skull less painful than being violently ripped apart to pieces by a predator?).