• Yes, but only for sport hunting

    I understand that many people hunt for food.
    However, I also understand that sport hunting is extremely prevalent.

    Unlike hunting for food, sport hunting is simply cruel, inhumane, and wasteful of an animal's life. People who hunt for a sport pointlessly kill animals and receive nothing in return, save for brag rights or sadistic enjoyment.

    TL;DR: Leave hunting for food be, but ban sport hunting.

  • Hunting should be banned because

    Hunting makes animals extinct for example the mammoth or the dodo bird . A survey was done in 2002 and they found that 80% of the animals that are killed don't get used for good purposes they just leave them there to rot. Some animals have close dna matches likethe deer has 88% the same dna so it is like we are killing humans. Thank you mrs/mr. Speaker

  • For Sport, yes.

    Hunting for food is not a bad thing (unless the animal is endangered obviously), but hunting for sport is cruel, outdated, inhumane and achieves what good exactly..? None. There are no benefits from hunting for sport except the self satisfaction from killing an animal, something which I, and many others, can never understand. Hunting for sport represents humans' need to for violence, for death and for domination over "lesser" species. Hunting is what is responsible for so many extinctions throughout the world. There is... Nothing to commend it.

  • Unfair to some animals

    Some animals we have as pets... Such as dogs and cats. But why don't we have deer as pets, or maybe other animals that we kill? It just seems unfair that some animals are close if not equal to humans and don't get hunted when others do. For example why can't we have panda's as pets? Because the´re extict

  • Ha ha ha you don't

    Even know what your talking about hunting doesn't make animals extinct only poachers contempt that risk. Hunting provides food on the table for some people and keeps there population numbers in check. And what are you talking about hippy ya you metropolis30 deer do not have 88% the same DNA as humans were did you get that or hippy.Org.

  • How about no?

    Well, my opinion is mainly this:
    1. Hunting is the traditional way to get food. All civilizations started with hunting.
    2. If animals overpopulate, this will create an imbalance in the environment. If animals do not have any predators, living or otherwise, they should be evened out through natural selection.

  • I think not!

    The amazing statistics provided by the < left are just amazing. Hunting is a valuable freedom we have. The government stepped in many many moons ago and placed regulations/seasons on when/how many of a certain breed of animal you can hunt. Extinction is not really an issue. So please somebody provide a legitimate argument.

  • Why hunting should not benned

    I have been hunting with my family for over 4 years and I am a better person because of it. In my opinion hunting should not be outlawed. I believe this for three main reasons, there are no preservatives or hormones in wild animals so they are healthier for you, deer are over-populated to begin with, and hunters get an overall better experience in nature.
    First of all, there are no preservatives or hormones in a wild animal, but there are many in farm raised animals. Animals raised on a farm contain many preservatives to improve shelf life and overall taste of their meat. Examples are Carniform A, Carniform B, Cervelatwurst, Securo, Boric Acid, Potassium Nitrite, and Maciline according to Ask yourself this, do you even know what those things are let alone know what they are doing to your body? Wild animals such as turkeys and deer have zero preservatives. You also have to take into consideration, the treatment of a farm raised animal versus a wild animal. There are many farms such as factory farms that have hundreds of animals in very small pens. These animals such as sheep are being fed growth hormones and preservatives such as the ones listed above so more money can be made off of their meat. Come on people isn’t that way more inhumane than hunting?
    Second of all, deer are over-populated to begin with. In southern Maine for example a normal population of deer would be 20-25 deer per square mile. But as of 2010 there are 100 deer per square mile according to The average deer consumes over 5 pounds of food each day according to, after the deer eat all of the plants in the area they must resort to people’s shrubs and vegetables to survive. This problem has caused over 1 million dollar’s worth of damage over the course of 1 year. “Hunters harvesting deer for their own table has proven over the years to be a safe effective way of population control for the whitetail deer herd.” This quote was stated by Randy Augsburger, who owns a sixth generation farm and whose passion is the outdoors and hunting.
    Finally, my last reason that hunting shouldn’t be outlawed is because hunters get an overall better experience in nature. Everyday millions of people get in their cars drive to the store (polluting the environment along the way) and buy meat.
    So, in conclusion, like I stated before, hunting should not be outlawed. Hunting has been around since the early 1600’s when the first settlers arrived and even before that with the Native Americans, what makes it so inhumane now? I feel this way because there are no preservatives in wild animals, deer are over-populated, and as a hunter, you will receive a better experience in nature. “If you want to save a species simply decide to eat it. Then it will be managed, like chickens, turkeys, deer and Canadian geese.”

  • Ha ha ha you don't

    Even know what your talking about hunting doesn't make animals extinct only poachers contempt that risk. Hunting provides food on the table for some people and keeps there population numbers in check. And what are you talking about hippy ya you metropolis30 deer do not have 88% the same DNA as humans were did you get that or hippy.Org.

  • Hunting should not be banned

    Guess what people that think hunting is cruel . Where do you think you get meat like pork,beef, and chicken. It doesn't just come from thin air. It is from the cows,the chickens , and the pigs that are killed on a daily basis for food, so you really need to stop saying hunting is barbaric and cruel because at least the animals that are hunted get the chance to escape death and get to taste freedom unlike the animals that are used for foods. So you just think to yourself is hunting barbaric? I say no it is not.

  • No it shouldn't

    If hunting was banned wild carnivore animals would overpopulate the earth and eat all living things including themselves when they ran out of other food. Humans need to hunt to survive or wild animals will multiply and eat people. Wild animals have rough and tough lives they don't have any conveniences, luxuries, shelter or sugar.

  • No it shouldn't

    If hunting was banned then wild carnivore animals would overpopulate the earth and eat all living things including themselves when they ran out of other food. So hunting should not be banned. Hunting is necessary for survival of humans. If people couldn't hunt animals would multiply and eat people. F

  • Hunting should not be banned

    Have you ever thought an animal being over populated because hunting is illegal? Hunting is something that has been argued for a while now. Hunting should be legal because we can keep the population down, kids can be taught weapon safety, and it is better than store bought meat.
    One reason people hunt is to keep the population down. They say that there are 500,000 deer left in our state and they are still reproducing. There aren’t many resources for their overpopulated number. Once crops are harvested what are they overpopulated animals going to eat? Yes we are killing innocent animals but it is to keep a population down.
    Another reason people hunt is teach their child weapon safety. One way to teach your child weapon safety is to show them how to check to if a magazine is empty. Let your child shoot a bb gun before they shoot an actual gun. Be careful about what you do because if you don’t your child will do it to. Yes hunting can be dangerous but if you teach your child the right way they will be safe. This proves that if hunting was legal you can teach your child weapon safety.
    The final reason is that hunting is healthier than processed food. The 2005 University of Hawaii found that 67% if cancer is caused by processed meat. Cancer is also a colossal deal. Over 7,000 chemicals are found in processed meat. You will also get fresh meat instead of meat that has hormones and preservatives. Yes deer can have deadly diseases but it but we can make sure it doesn’t by going to a wild life research place that studies animals. This proves that if hunting is illegal we are having deadly chemicals in it.
    Hunting must stay legal. It is healthier than processed meat as well as teaching children how to handle a gun. Without hunting a population would be over populated. While some people find hunting dangerous, but it is still a right . I urge you to support hunters and try it to.

  • No, if we become overpopulated it wont be good.

    I believe this because if we ban hunting all of the animals that are legal for hunting will over populate. If this whereto occur with deer so to say then we would be losing resources such as goods we grow for our family to eat. Also the overpopulation of deer can cause many car accidents, I know this for a fact because living in the Midwest I see these car accidents involving deer on a daily or weekly basis and they never turn out good. So in my opinion hunting should not be banned because of overpopulation, and also because people use hunting for their source of food. If you ban hunting for sporting, then you ban hunting for food, therefor we need to not ban hunting.

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GWL-CPA says2014-03-25T03:19:57.140
According to the US Census, The total USA population estimate for 2012 was 313,873,365. There were approximately 7.3 million vegetarians in the USA, or 2.3% of the total population.

I love to hear people whine about hunting, since there are only about 7.3 million vegetarians in America or 2.3% of the total population.

Americans love their meat, and man has hunted game since the first Homo sapiens about 200,000 years ago.

To meet man’s voracious love of meat, millions of animals are raised and slaughtered annually in America.

USDA -United States Department of Agriculture slaughter stats 2008

Cattle: 35,507,500
Pigs: 116,558,900
Chickens: 9,075,261,000
Layer hens: 69,683,000
Broiler chickens: 9,005,578,000
Turkeys: 271,245,000

But, many people love to hunt animals, including birds for food. It is a cheap way to save on the food bills.

Here are the numbers of birds killed by hunter by guns for food in 2009 in the USA:

13,139,800 ducks
3,327,000 geese
17,354,800 mourning doves
238,400 Woodcock
83,500 snipe
219,000 coots

The total number of deer hunted and killed for food annually is hard to determine because it is state by state.

Tennessee – 168,000
Texas – 300,575 bucks
Michigan – 215,120 bucks
Georgia – 140,142 bucks

And, that is bucks. Millions of does (female deer) are killed annually.

And, these are just whitetail deer. It does not include mule deer, Elk, Moose, Mountain Goats, etc.

Black bears – 481,500 black bear hunting licenses are sold per year. Approximately 18,845 black bears were killed annually in the USA between 1988 and 1992.


Anyway, hunters kill tens of millions animals annually for food.

Get over it!
AizenKnaik says2014-04-01T08:22:55.743
It depends on which perspective you are in. If you take the perspective of the vegetarian, you would definitely ban hunting. On the other hand, having the perspective of omnivores would make you condone hunting. I'm pretty much in the middle that's why I put my comment here in the comment section instead.