• Hunting is a sport

    It meets the definition in every conceivable way. It requires skill and presicion like any other, the patience to remain perfectly still for God knows how long and sportsmanship. Killing an animal and leaving without acquiring a license or permit, respecting local laws and using what you gain is not sportsman like and just plain wrong but doing just the opposite of that is sportsman like and therefore, a sport.

  • There is no reason hunting shouldn't be considered a sport

    First of all, you cannot call hunting not a sport if you have never done it. Second of all, all of this bull crap about deer not knowing they are in the game is so wrong. Deer know that there are humans and predators out there and that is why they are so skiddish. Now if you think that all huntin is is goin out with a rifle and shootin deer just to kill em then you are greatly mistaken. Hunting is about taking pride in who you are, having a good time, enjoying Creation, traditions, and harvesting a deer.

  • Hunting is absolutely a sport

    Hunting has fans for the hunting shows and it has sponsors and other things like that and its all just like sports. Theres a winner and a loser and there is competition. Sports are there to pass time and hunting can easily pass time. Everyone can participate in it you just got to learn how to shoot a gun basically. You cant just grab a hockey stick and know how to play right away so that means you cant just grab a gun and know how to hunt right away.

  • Meets the defenition

    Hunting is a sport because it does cause physical exertion and skill. You can also hunt with multiple people, or a team. Or you can hunt alone, a individual and for many it is entertainment for millions of people around the entire world... Very few people realize the amount of skill needed for hunting.

  • It requires skills that not everyone has.

    Any thing that requires skill and practice along with a desire to do said activity is a sport. People who say it is not are mostly people who have never been hunting or know anything about it other then the act of actually killing the animal. Like when they were kids their parents would take them on walks in the woods and talk about why everyone who has a different opinion then them is wrong. Hunting parents take their kids in the woods and show them how the world really works.

  • Hunting is a sport

    I believe hunting is a sport. I am 16 yrs old and have been hunting for about 3 years now. Hunting is a sport because you love it with a passion just like any other sport. But I don't just do it for passion I do it for the personal connection I don't know why people a against hunting. Yeah I see why people don't like it but they should atlas keep it to them selfs. But anyway I do it for a personal connection because a animal like a deer has sacrificed his life for me to put food on my table and provide for my family.

  • Hunting is a sport

    To counter the argument that in a sport, each side has an equal chance of winning is like pitting the Patriots against the Browns. Hunting can be considered a sport because one can work in a team and uses physical exertion. Hiding and then shooting an animal is better than the animal knowing it is being hunted, and running in fear before being brought down. It is unethical to kill an animal that way. However, shooting an animal quietly without scaring it can be done without scaring the prey and can bring pleasure to the hunter.

  • Hunting is a sport

    Hunting is a sport because there are club for that crap I am a hunter myself and in sixth grade hunting is a hobby and a sport because you do it for fun just like you play baseball or softball or football or basketball that's why I play sports just to have fun.

  • Hunting is a sport

    Hunting is a sport because there are club for that crap I am a hunter myself and in sixth grade hunting is a hobby and a sport because you do it for fun just like you play baseball or softball or football or basketball that's why I play sports just to have fun.

  • Hunting should be considered a sport.

    I think that hunting should be considered a sport because you need to have an eye on the animal and you need to have a good focus on the animal. You also need to make sure the animal has died/ passed. So, that's why I think hunting should be considered a sport.

  • It is NOT a sport!

    Hunting does not meet the qualifications to be even considered a sport! A sport is defined as being a competition between two or more people, sorry but last time I checked there isn't no fair match between the animals and the people hunting the animals. It is not a sport!

  • Hunting is not a sport.

    By definition a sport requires competition. Skill and exertion is used in an attempt to out perform an opponent. In hunting there is no opponent. There is circumstance and the animal being hunted, both of which are unaware they are 'in a game' and therefore are not true opponents. The use of exertion and skill alone does not qualify an activity as a sport, otherwise shopping, driving, writing, speaking and a host of other common activities would be considered sports.

  • Hunting is not a sport

    At sport is an activity that takes physical exertion and skill, i with a competitor or team goes up against another. Hunting is none of this. Killing things doesnt take exertion and aiming a gun isnt too hard. Hunt if you really want but dont call it a sport. Am i right or am i right?

  • Hunting is not a sport,

    Death of an animal for "fun" and death of endangered animals at the hands of humans is wrong. Hunting for fun is not the same as hunting for survival. Posing with a dead animal says a lot of bad things about the mental state of said individual who killed it and is proud of the fact a gorgeous animal is now dead.

    Hunting is only a sport in the mind of a psycho.

  • No its not a sport

    It shouldnt be a sport because a sport is a competion beteewn two people hunting is not a comition the animals didnt agree do be killed and taken away from their families. Who gives us the right to kill? Humans? But where do they get that power from. Man is weak but smart. If it was one on one fighting no weapons animaols would win. They are much stonger and more adaptable you shol respect them more

  • Hunting is Bad

    Hunting does not require any physical skills as one can just sit on his ass with a sniper and kill innocent lives. The fact that it doesn't do anything positive for society and promotes murders makes it more of a crime than a sport and it encourages unnecessary violence. If you are a hunter taking pride in killing a bear with a gun you should fight that bear with your bare hands. All hunters have small dicks

  • Shooting with firearms isn't a game neither is it a considerable sport if you hunt to kill

    If you look up " Is hunting a sport" it will tell you "Hunting means different things to different people, but one thing should be clear to everyone: Firearms hunting has nothing to do with true athletic competition and the spirit of sport. And as any good hunter would tell you, when shooting to kill, gun use is never a game" so unless you use a bow and arrow hunting isn't a sport and even if you use a bow and arrow i don't think it is a sport if your going to go and kill because if you go out and kill a animal how is that a sport

  • Hunting is not a sport

    The animal did nothing to you! Hunting is not fair. A sport is an activity involving two willing participants. If hunting animals is a spport then why isnt human hunting a sport? That might sound stupid but is true. Im not taking anything away from hunters or hunting. Because they do spend alot of time to kill a deer duck or whatever. The animal doesnt know its going to be killed if it did and it could shoot back it would be considered a sport.

  • If ending the life of a living organism is a sport, why isn't "Human Hunting" a sport?

    By definition, a sport must have rules to ensure fairness of competing teams. If Hunting is a sport, does this mean that the creatures being shot are the opposite team? If so, why are they not given a fair advantage like the ones with the trigger? Oh well, I suppose if ending the life of a living thing is a sport, then these supporters of Hunting should not whine when someone goes into "Human Hunting" or 'massacre' as well call it, just for the fun of it.

  • Hunting is absolutely not a sport:

    In a sport each team has an equal advantage at winning. In hunting, the hunter always wins. You usually can predict the outcome and there's absolutely no competion. Yes these animals have fangs, claws and people domt have firing accuracy without training, however a hobbyist needs training to to pilot an rc helicopter and that's why it's considered a hobby.

    When a hunter is covered in deer scent, covered in cameflauge, and holding a shot gun there's absolutely no way the deer is aware of partaking in any game and most likely isn't aware of being hunted.
    "Huntin is not a sport. In a sport both sides should know they're in the game."

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