• Hunting SHOULD Be Legal.

    First killing an animal, for example a deer, is not like killing a human. Humans have way more emotions than wild animals and we are smarter than the average bear. Not one animal is smarter than us. Also, animals just follow their instinct. Unlike humans, they don't know any better than finding food, reproducing, and running from predators. Innocence is just a word made to provoke emotions of fragility and "they don't know any better."
    "How would you like to be hunted?" Well, we are not deer or rabbit or whatever. We are SUPERIOR over all of the animal kingdom. Top of the food chain. How would i like to be hunted? By what? Humans? Yeah if i was a deer, i wouldn't know any better than to run from everything that haunts me. Deer aren't that smart. But our superior species aren't deer. We eat meat because we need it. If hunting was illegal, we wouldn't any source of meat. No fish. No cow. No Pigs. No deer. Our bodies NEED protein. There are other sources of protein but according to Meat is the main sorce. Any questions?

  • Hunting is legal, and should remain that way.

    Many arguments on the no side say we have no right to take an animals life. I disagree. One of the major arguments people have against hunting is that we have no right to intervene with nature. Since we are part of this planet, we are part of the ecosystem we live in. We are predators and predators hunt other animals. The Mountain Lion hunts the deer. Is the Mountain Lion evil because it is trying to survive? No. The Mountain Lion is just fulfilling its duty as predator by keeping the population of deer away from the ecosystems carrying capacity (The population at which an ecosystem can support no more). We must do the same because we have been given the role of the predator. In other arguments people say it is unethical to hunt, and hunters just like to kill animals and take lives. If this were true, then hunters would go to a local cattle farm, walk up to a cow, and blow its brains out (Please excuse the graphic description). The fact is the enjoyment of the hunt does not come from the kill, it comes from the challenge of tracking the deer, remaining unseen, and using every outdoors skill needed for a successful hunt. A popular reason against hunting is the animals point of view. Think about it as if our situations were reversed. The animal that you hunt, given the chance, would kill you without a second thought to survive and live. Now I have to agree with the anti-hunters on one point. Hunting and killing an animal without using the parts of the animal in one way or another is wrong. Killing without reason should not happen, but if we follow certain guidelines and ethics, we can fulfill our duty as predator and keep the ecosystems running smoothly.

  • Hunting is good for your health.

    Hunting is good for your health because it doesn't have all the steroids and hormoans in it like beef and it tastes 10 times better when you wake up at 3:30am and hunt the thing yourself. So yes, yes, yes 100 times YES. Keep it legal. Thank you very much!

  • Yes, it should be legal.

    Animal rights? Animals are not created in the image of God. I see nowhere in the Constitution of the United States of America that it says "oh by the way, animals can do all these things too."

    Some people say it shouldn't be a sport. I will address this in two ways.

    What about when it isn't a sport? This vote isn't on hunting as just a sport, just hunting in general. So this is a pointless and invalid argument.

    The second point is that this can't be addressed. It might be immoral, but it also might not be. This is really just your opinion. You can't give good reasoning in just a couple of sentences.

    Yes, hunting should be legal.

  • Keep it legal

    I think hunting is completely ethical and there are limits to keep it check, also when an animal Is shot it goes into shock until it dies. The reason why they run is because their nerves compulse to think it should run and it's the adrenalin flowing so it feels no pain at all.

  • If the animal is used

    If people are killing just for the thrill of it or to mount the animal on their wall, no, that shouldn't be legal. If the parts of the animal are actually getting used? Sure, that's how we started, there's nothing wrong with that. It's about intent, not the act itself.

  • Yes hunting serves some good

    Hunting does serve good and should be kept legal. Hunting when done within the law keeps the animal population in check. It is also how some people get their food source. I don't think animals should be treated cruely but I don't see a reason to ban hunting for everyone.

  • Hunting should be legal.

    Hunting should be legal. Hunting is already legal in most of the United States. People have been hunting since caveman and will continue. Hunting provides food to many of people still. It helps to control the population of wild animals. I think hunting should be legal everywhere if it is not already.

  • It's still a sport

    Hunting has been around for years and years, and it also still classified as a sport. Even though some people frown upon it, I still think it should stay around as long as the rules and practices will continue to keep it safe for those who are still around it.

  • Hunting is Already Legal

    In many areas of the United States, hunting various animals is already completely legal. Most jurisdictions dedicate specific seasons each year for hunting. Year-round hunting for most species is a bad idea because it leads to over-hunting, which causes plenty of problems on its own. Hunting is a great activity.

  • There is no reason to hunt.

    Are you eskimo? Probably not. Is shooting innocent animal only entertaiment in 21 centuary? No. Hunting is bad and should be illegal. First hunting for food is just ridiculous. There are super markets everywhere and pretty much in every country there is McDonalds. Chicken nugget is much cheaper then guns and bullets. Hunting for sports? Get a Xbox. Aren't people the first one to make some animals over populate? Deer is a great example. People killed so many predators that are after deers in fact they over populated and ate too many grass and starved. Do deers deserve to get killed because of humans mistake? I don't think so. (P.S I'm NOT PETA. I hate them)

  • Why is murder legal?

    Animal are hunted for NO reason at all! How on earth is KILLING enjoyable?
    People hunt the animals for sport and just to put their heads on their walls.
    People don't need to eat them, they don't need to wear them. If people need food, there are programs for you, OR grow some vegetables. People don't need to wear them because, again, there are programs for that.

    These poor animals are getting killed for no reason, it's not fair. You get mad when animals kill people, When they don't know any better, but why aren't we allowed to get mad at humans for killing animals, when humans know better?

    Please make hunting illegal. It's cruel and sick. Just take a look at the name "HUNTING"

    Please consider the LIFE of the animals, cutting it short because you want kill animals isn't right.

    People who kill animals have a much higher chance of hurting people, that is a PROVEN FACT.

  • How would you like to be hunted

    Imagine trying to come home to family and a big deer just takes you out right before you walk in to see your son. The deer is in the wrong for hurting a human BUT its ok for us to do the same. If people go hunting they should have to take a bullet, arrow wherever they shoot the animal and maybe they will see how wrong it is. It is wrong to hurt any animal, hormones injected into cows cause severe pain and problems and all these dumb people can think about it money. Inject that farmer with the hormone and see how he likes it. I wish animals had the ability to kill their abusers. Its sad to see animals hog tied and beheaded just so you can have a greasy meal. VEGGIES AND FRUIT ARE NATURAL FOR A REASON. But hopefully everyone who stuffs meat in their gut that an animal had to suffer for, just hopefully that animal will contain bacteria or virsues that kill that person doing the killing. Seems like all those people are hypocrits. Can't kill the evil people in the world but can take a innocent life of an animal who has no voice. Shame on them and hopefully they will get theirs. Im done i could go on forever people who kill are animals who deserve to die themselves.

  • No

    No I think hunting is terrible. I live in a small town in the country and hunting is a big thing around here. It disgusts me to see pictures in the newspaper of people (and sometimes children) holding up the dead body of an innocent animal. Most of the time these animals are not even used as food, it's a sport to people.

  • Hunting is killing an innocent animal

    Hunting is killing an innocent animal with only reason of joy and sport, any country shouldn't allow it , if you have no rights to torture or kill an animal that brutally. If you think its legal , you should make yourself available for hunting humans, thereby you can know what is killing without intension and keep the human population in check.

  • It is unethical

    Hunting is a not at all fair and it ignores animal rights. People kill for fun, this is disgustingly immoral and should be illegal. It might be slightly more understandable if it served and form of good other than selfish hedonism (which isn't even really a form of good). Hunting means that people can have a bit of fun at the cost of the lives of sensual beings.

  • Its just unethical.

    Plain and simple. You have no more right to take an animals life than you do a human. Some of the supporting arguments on here are ridiculous! Hunting should be legal because the animals aren't as smart as us? What does intelligence have to do with ones right to life? With that logic its like saying we should be able to kill humans with mental health issues like down syndrome because they're "not as smart as their superiors". You have NO right to take someone's life, be it human or animal. None. How can that be so hard to grasp? The animal populations did just fine over the years before human involvement, nature takes care of itself, we've done nothing but help destroy it. The only animal population that needs to be controlled is the HUMAN population. We are the ones continuously breeding idiotic children like those you can find to left of this page.

  • Noo it nut bee baned plese

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  • What is your true motive

    Why do you need to kill an innocent animal when they did not do anything to you and not only that ALMOST everyone who hunts has enough money to buy food. I get there must be some sort of thrill or whatever, but killing is still wrong, always will be.

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Star123 says2014-08-16T22:48:34.620
Hunting is stupid to me. Just because animals are beneath us doesn't mean they don't have rights. There is people who are better than us and we still deserve our rights and respect, so why shouldn't animals?
gavinsalisbury says2018-05-15T19:23:20.117
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