• It's more humane than farming

    Most farming practices are cruel to the animals. I knew a girl once who was a vegetarian for this reason but made an exception for meat that was obtained through hunting. With hunting the animals live wild, natural, and free until you hunt them and put them on your dinner plate.

  • Most definitely yes

    I myself am an avid hunter and have been since the age of seven. Note that while I fully support hunting, laws and morals should be observed to preserve our natural resources for future outdoorsmen.

    Hunting benefits both humans and animals in multiple ways, even though the latter are being killed.

    1. The consumption of meat is inevitable in society, and hunting is a much more humane alternative to slaughterhouses.

    2. Meat from wildlife is preservative and growth hormone free, being much healthier for the consumer.

    3. Hunting is a great pasttime to partake in, allowing for genuine connection between friends and family.

  • Yes it should

    Hunting is more than just brutally slaughtering animals it's a lifestyle and I for one enjoy it, And its also a way to provide food for your family to grow. Hunting in my opinion is A lot better then raising animals to grow and be slaughtered so why would you not hunt "Because the animal is in pain" But "Raising animals and just chopping there heads off in my opinion is worse

  • Yes Hunting should stay legal.

    I have been hunting my whole life and i have never once killed an animal just to kill it and when i do kill the animal, if it is a nice animal worth mounting, i will use the meat and have the rest mounted. I will never let anything go to waist except for the guts. If i wound an animal i try my hardest to find the animal and end its pain but sometimes we don't find the deer and it wanders off, lays down, and dies then the other wildlife such as buzzards and foxes will eat it so it still doesn't go to waist.

  • Hunting should stay legal

    Hunting is what we have done since we settled here. If we banned hunting then lots of our different food would be gone. And if we don`t the population could get to high and it the animals could start being destructive and move into our cities and city people would not like it. So we should hunting stay legal.

  • Hunting is not Murder

    When many people hunt they don not just mindlessly fire a gun at an animal, the think and strategize how and why they are shooting this animal. The lord put these animals on the planet for us to harvest and eat. I have a question for you , do you eat hot dogs, fish or chicken, if so do you realize that the animal you are eating has been hunted or harvested by a human just like you but we are providing for our family and friends, is there something wrong with proving our family's instead going to the store to buy more and more fattening foods or meat?

  • Where did food come from.

    Have You asked the question “what is for dinner?” Well I know I have, but have you ever thought about where dinner comes from. Most of the time it's from farms and other companies, but where did they first get the animals? The most consumed meat is pork, and pork comes from hog or pigs, and hogs are wild animals. Commonsenseforanimals.Org asks“Can anyone suggest or believe that families in the United states or around the world should be denied this valuable resource?” Animals in the wild are healthier than animals on overcrowded farms that are fed with by-products or hormones. Wild animals eat natural, earth grown food, and roam free with no injections or dangerous chemicals. You know what they say, “you are what you eat.” By show of hands how many of you have eaten wild game. If so you know what I’m talking about, meat from the wild not only taste better but makes you feel good too. This is why hunting should not be banned.

  • Yes it should

    Kid you tell me i am an American hunting lover that likes to hunt fish and trap it is good for the economy and should stay legal because if we didn't have hunting we would be over populated with deer and ducks and other animals of all sorts so that is why we need hunting

  • People Hunt For FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People Like Me don't have money to be buying food all the time. I have to hunt to provide for my family. If you think that hunters hunt for fun all the time, Ur an idiot. Some people do, but they are just as dumb as you are. Hunting was invented for providing food, not fun.

  • Think like a mountain.

    Predators are much more vulnerable to habitat encroachment than prey, in general. Human life has crowded out most of the predators that could eat dear. As a result, it is critical that people hunt deer, else the deer destroy all the natural vegetation before they starve.

    Aldo Leopold articulates this much more beautifully in his essay, "Thinking Like a Mountain" and I strongly recommend reading it.

  • No it should not.

    Unless an animal population is crazily out of control, there is no need for people to mindlessly shoot animals. Many people who hunt are not hunting to provide food for their family, so there really is no point. Also, hunting means you need to have a gun, and guns aren't something civilians should have.

  • Hunting is cruel and inhumane.

    People should own guns only to defend themselves instead of killing animals when they have done nothing to you. If you put yourself in the perspection of an innocent deer, watching your family die right before your eyes, how would you feel. Instead of hunting for y7our own food, why don't you just go buy meat and leave it up to the people that distribute the food to stores and restaurants.

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