• Tigers have no predator that eat them

    Yes, hunting tigers should be illegal. A tiger is not eaten by humans or any other animal for that matter. If an animal is not hunted for food, then they should not be hunted. Tigers are hunted purely for their skin, this is not fair to the animal or the ecosystem. Animals that are hunted for sport only should be protected.

  • Tigers are dangerous animals

    It's all well and good arguing to preserve and not hunt tigers but they make life very dangerous for people who no choice but to live in their proximity. They threaten the lives as well the livelihood of these people by killing off their livestock. Imagine constantly having to worry about your children being eaten by a tiger while they are playing in your fields. Most posters here would hunt tigers as well if they were in that situation. Tigers also cruelly kill many benign and harmless wild animals such as deer, elephant calves, porcupines or primates. If we are honest about things, a world without tigers roaming the wild and wreaking lethal havoc everywhere they go would be safer and more pleasant. The same goes for other dangerous animals such as sharks etc ..

  • Tiger hunting should be legal

    Tigers are endangered. So was the southern white rhino. The white rhinos were brought back cause of limited trophy hunting. The can happen to tigers. Everybody has PETA crap in their heads. We can bring them back, like the white rhino. This why hunting of tigers should be legal but controlled

  • Hunting tigers should be illegal

    Tigers are often killed for sport, spectacle and folk remedies in a practice that has driven the species to the edge of extinction. If a human comes too close and surprises a sleeping or a feeding tiger (particularly if it is a tigress with cubs), the tiger may attack and kill a human otherwise tigers only feed on other wild animals like deer etc

  • Hunting tigers should be illegal.

    Tigers are very pretty animals and do not deserve to be killed. Tigers are being killed JUST for their fur!!! Tigers only harm people when they are scared. Tigers are an endangered species and could go extincted if we do not help them by stopping the killing of tigers! What do you think?

  • Human beings do not know the purpose of Tigers

    It is because every living being as an purpose of living for their needs only.It is common for every living beings, each and every living beings has the wish they should live. The Tigers too have the wish on their mind.But living beings do not respond to their wish every living beings know that also.

  • I think tiger hunting should be illegal because tigers will become extinct.

    Tiger hunting should be illegal because they will become extinct and there is only about 3,200 tigers left in the world. That is a little bit of tigers left in the world compared to how much there use to be back in 1940.There use to be 100,000 tigers in the world in 1940.

  • No because tigers are pretty animales

    People kill for there fur and there heads so they can have trophy and show what they have killed. Also tigers are very majestic the way they kill outher animals is very majestic. Lastly they dont bother us as humans and dont really attake unless we strtel them or get to close to their cubs

  • Hunting tigers should be illegal.

    If a human comes too close and surprises a sleeping or a feeding tiger (particularly if it is a tigress with cubs), the tiger may attack and kill a human otherwise they eat only wild animals.Tigers are often killed for sport, spectacle and folk remedies in a practice that has driven the species to the edge of extinction. According to the Guardian, police in the city of Zhanjiang seized 10 dead tigers in March 2014. The tigers were killed as live entertainment for local businessmen.

  • Tigers are da bomb

    Me and my friends are doing an exhibition project about endangered animals and endangered animals for some reason are always the coolest kinds of animals, but the main thing is that poaching and hunting illegally is the worst thing in the whole entire world, thank you, drop the freakin mike. Deez nuts out.

  • No tiger hunting

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  • Tigers are dying out. WE DON'T WANT THIS!!!!!!

    If all the tigers in the world die out then the food chain would be out of balance. The animals that the tiger eats would mass produce and then they would eat to much of what they eat. Then it would keep going on and finally, only the animal the tiger eats would be left and then they would die out and there would be no animals left. Do any of us want this to happen? I hope not.

  • Come on tigers are important

    You can be blamed for letting them go extinct. We are the main primary source of us killing them. GODS! Let them rome free. We don't harm them they won't harm us. Like the golden rule I always follow Treat Them the Way You Want Them To treat You. I respect Tigers and so should you! You want to be so fashionable and want a coat. They Die you will be the one to blame. I respect Them. DO YOU?

  • Should hunting tigers be legal

    Hunting tigers should be illegal because tigers haven't done anything to deserve this, they are harmless and only attack us because they are scared themselves and want to defend themselves. People only need them for their skin and people want them just to wear fur coats which is not as important as animals living their lives!!!

  • Tigers are important!

    Animals have done nothing to deserve this. Think about the harmless animals that have tried to stay away from people. Still, people go looking for them just because some people want a new fur coat, some people want a head on their wall, or some people want to kill for fun. Many other animals get killed for unnecessary things like skins and fur. This will cause extinction and a change needs to happen. If these horrible hunters thought about what they were about to do carefully before they shot the tigers they would realise that killing animals is cruel whatever the goal. Animals have a nervous system just like humans which allows them to feel pain. Can you imagine what it would feel like if someone was dragging you by a hook that has been punctured right through your cheek or some other part of your body? This is just one of the techniques used by poachers to kill and torture these vulnerable cats.Tigers are stunning animals, I think we will all agree. Their colours are bright and their behaviour is curious. But if tiger poaching carries on we wont be able to see in detail their amazing traits because tigers are surprisingly close to extinction. If tiger poaching carries on, all tigers will be gone in about 20 years which is worse than you think. Just imagine it. In two decades the tiger will be extinct and all because some selfish, egotistical and idiotic poachers wanted a new coat or rug.
    Tigers have been on the endangered list for many years and are in still in danger of extinction. Allowing the hunting of them would prevent them the opportunity to breed and strengthen their numbers. As a predatory animal, they are an important part of the food chain of which they are a part. To allow them to become extinct could be devastating to an entire ecosystem. Letting poachers carry on murdering these animals would be a crime and would cause huge ramifications to the food chain even though tigers are at the top. If the tigers become extinct, many parts of the food chain will be affected, and this will lead back to us as humans, quite possibly and more than likely to damage our world irreparably.

  • Why would you want to?

    What reason is there to hunt a tiger in the first place? I don't understand why people hunt for fur. I don't personally "love" tigers, but they don't deserve this. They are beautiful creatures and deserve our respect as humans. But this is the reason there are zoos for animals like tigers.

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