• Yes Cause Louisianians should be able to know

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  • Yes, I see no ethical or legal reason why not.

    Everything about Hurricane Katrina should be public. Why not? I believe the only reason to hide anything about it would be to prevent dissatisfaction with the American government. To hide or keep confident anything about Katrina just to prevent angst at the government is sheer manipulation. What happened with Katrina, both in terms of prevention and how it was handled afterward, can never happen again. The best way to prevent that is to release everything about it.

  • In our borders

    Yes, any facts that people might be interested in about an event that goes on in the United States needs to be public information. We need to have access to what happened, and how it happened, so that next time we can be ready and prevent a lot of damage.

  • Release Hurricane Katrina facts as there is nothing to hide

    Hurricane Katrina facts should be made public because the rescue efforts and even the weather-reading technology is at least partially sponsored by the government. The government has nothing to hide about Hurricane Katrina, and so any facts surrounding this event should be made available for all people to research about.

  • It already is

    How is Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Katrina information not already public information to the people of the US. Hurricane Katrina happened about a decade ago, and enough time has passed to get a serious thoughtful look at the issue, but we can't say that there is not enough information today.

  • Government Cleaned Up New Orleans

    Since state and local governments cleaned up New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, facts about the recovery and rescue operations should be matters of public record. The most telling detail about Hurricane Katrina is the official death count. The confirmed death toll is 1,836, although the toll is probably higher due to unnamed homeless people who might have died in the storm in New Orleans. More than 1,500 of those deaths were from Louisiana.

  • Very private cool

    Yo yall are buggin and then i went down to the park and i saw an animal that looked like a dog, but all of a sudden it started sprinting at me and i got scared so i ran and fell and when i fell i got hurt and they released th info and i cried.

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