Should Hurricane Katrina pictures be publically available?

  • They are public

    There are many pictures that have been taken by the government and are often in public record, but aren't available simply because people have not uploaded them to computers or put them online. While there are many disturbing pictures that could come be in the photos, the same can be true for many events.

  • Yes, they should

    I'm not sure which photos you mean, but most of them show the scope of devastation and the supreme amount of damage Katrina left behind. There are some controversial photos and there's some debate as to whether the captions are accurate or are racist. These also should be available and should be able to be discussed. The photos should be public.

  • Well Of Course

    I believe Hirricane Katrina pictures should be publicly available when the original photographers have released them. If the photographer wants them released, then they should be out there. Hurricane Katrina was extremely strong and the government involvement is questionable, neither of these aspects should stop people from seeking out these photos or being able to see them.

  • Hurricane Katrina pictures should be publicly available.

    Hurricane Katrina pictures should be publicly available. It is important to everyone to remember everything about this national disaster. With the information that we gather from the event then we can take the necessary measures to make sure that the next time something like this happens we can be prepared.

  • We need to study the past.

    Yes, Hurricane Katrina pictures should be publicly available, because it is important to remember the past. We need to understand exactly what happened and where we went wrong. The government should not try to trick us into thinking that its response was acceptable by hiding pictures. We need to be able to examine what actually happened so we can improve our response.

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