Should Husband's of Stay at Home Mom's contribute to household chores?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • It would build a stronger Relationship.

    It has been proven fact that husband and wife tend to have a stronger relationship with each other if they both help each other out. I understand that men may be at work and making them work more at home is uncalled for, but they can at least help. Women would sometimes cook for their man, massage them and so other stuff. Men will pay rent ensure the safeness of the home. So each person contributes their part, but what relationship is that if they don't work on something together. So I say if the man is too tired then its best to let them rest for a bit. But men should at least help on some chores just to build a strong more firm relationship with their wives.

  • Absolutely without a doubt yes.

    Just because the Wife is a Stay at Home Mom doesn't mean she has it easy in fact it's harder than a decent amount of jobs outside the home. Because taking care of Children and a home is a lot of work. When the Husband is at home any household chores that need to be done should be shared. The Wife shouldn't have to do everything around the house.

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