Should hybrid vehicles be a major part of plans to fight climate change?

  • Yes change is needed

    In the recent years there have been a lot of discussions concerning the future of personal vehicles using oil products as a mean of energy, such as cars. The discussion is about global warming, pollution and the dependency upon the non-renewable oil. The global car industries has already begun to show exactly where the future of cars is going and right now it seems as electric cars and hybrid cars is the answer.

  • Yes We Should

    Our oil "addiction" has lead us to the realization that our usage of oil has its limits, not only does the environment suffer from adverse effects because of its use but our society is so dependent upon, that if it where removed, most of modern society wouldn't function properly if at all.

  • Hybrid vehicles are a necessary step in fighting climate change because of the lessened use of gas.

    Hybrid cars focus on using less gas when needed, and using more electricity as a whole. If manufactures focused on these hybrid cars, they could be made much more efficient. The less gas used, the less carbon monoxide is released into our environment. The amounts of carbon monoxide in our atmosphere contribute to global warming.

    Posted by: TigerAmb
  • Hybrid vehicles absolutely should be a tool in the fight to protect the planet, because they do their part to fight climate change.

    When dreaming up of ways to combat climate change and clean up the environment, the use of hybrid vehicles should absolutely be included. It's nice to sit back on some cloud in lotus pose and chant "Om" until you arrive at a perfect dream solution, but, in order to start taking action now, we have to use what we've got. Hybrid vehicles are available and their maturing technology is already on the market.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • Hybrid vehicles should be a major part of climate control, because it decreases our pollution footprint.

    Hybrid vehicles need to be a major part of climate control. The U.S. is one of the major players in causing pollution. By converting over to hybrid cars, we would lessen our pollution footprint, and set the example for the rest of the world. Other countries look to the U.S. to set the example in numerous different aspects. If we were to show the rest of the world that a country can run efficiently on hybrid cars, others will soon follow.

    Posted by: GrubbyMariano
  • Hybrid vehicles can be an important element in the fight against climate change, due to the reduction in petroleum use they provide.

    Hybrid vehicles provide an excellent transition between old technologies and new, energy-efficient alternatives. Hybrid vehicles allow users to use electric, hydrogen or other "green" fuels, without relying entirely on them. This hybrid approach is much more likely to appeal to American consumers, than a complete transition would. Also, in the short term, hybrid vehicles can reduce petroleum use. Every small step helps, and hybrids can both accustom consumers to new ways of transport, while saving gasoline at the same time.

    Posted by: P3nrIin
  • I believe hybrid cars are among the biggest steps to a cleaner environment.

    Rising gasoline prices are only the tip of what I see as the fuel iceberg. Oil spills and air pollution are leaving adverse effects on the environment and in the lungs of little children. I think it is responsible to start using hybrid cars to protect the future. Using greener fuels will make solid changes and likely save owners money. Presently this is the only environment humans have and it needs to be protected.

    Posted by: ColdEmmanuel92
  • Hybrid vehicles should be a major part of plans to fight climate change, as vehicle emissions are a leading cause of greenhouse gases.

    Motor vehicles are a major source of greenhouse gases, which leads to climate change. Hybrid vehicles are much more efficient than standard cars and, thus, release fewer harmful emissions. While moving to all-electric vehicles and mass transit is needed in the long term, in the short term, it will not be possible, due to the amount of infrastructure that will need to be built for these modes of transportation. Hybrid vehicles can help fill the "gap", providing a more efficient alternative until all-electric vehicles become affordable and widespread.

    Posted by: PreciousMiguel78
  • Hybrids will help fight climate change by reducing the use of gasoline.

    Emissions from cars and over use of oil are both harmful to our environment. While an overall international strategy to fight global warming that has several aspects is needed, making it easier to buy hybrids by giving tax incentives or special discounts is in everyone's best interest. The more people drive hybrids, the more climate change can be slowed, even if this is just one incremental step in a larger plan.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe
  • Hybrid vehicles are a major part in fighting climate change because they provide a path to migrate consumers from gas to other forms of energy.

    Consumers will drive change in the use of gas to use of electricity, but they need technologies such as hybrid vehicles to continue their daily lives through change. As hybrids become plug-in hybrids, and then plug-in hybrids become gas back-up generated electric vehicles like the Chevy Volt consumers will be able to adapt their lives and businesses will be able to cater to them and provide charging resources for electric vehicles.

    Posted by: P03tPoId
  • Please No!

    I work in automotive service for a major vehicle brand and I can honestly say that Hybrids are not the answer. Sure, they are more efficient, produce less emissions and use less fuel however they cost more to maintain (use more expensive oil) and if not driven enough (think high milage as a good trait in a Hybrid) the hybrid battery can fail which is a very costly repair. Yes there are warranties on vehicles to help with that kind of stuff but if you are out of your warranty, you're out of luck. With the trend of more and more people holding on to their vehicles for 8 years or more you're better off investing in a regular vehicle which will depreciate less than getting 45 mpg.

  • No, because there are not enough sales of hybrid cars now, or in the next ten years, to make enough difference to affect any climate change in the foreseeable future.

    Hybrid cars make up a puny 225,000 units sold for the all of 2010, out of 9,570,000 vehicles sold. There are simply not enough hybrid cars that are ever gong to be sold to make any impact on global climate changes that I can see this year, or in the future.

    Posted by: 5h4d0wSkyI
  • While hybrid vehicles are a part of the climate change, they shouldn't be the major focus because there are even more "greener" ways of transportation.

    Personally, I would love to own a hybrid. They are a more "green" version, of the car after all. However, hybrids are still cars, and there are more environmentally friendly modes of transportation. For example, efficient public transportation would be even "greener" still. Another idea: in European countries, bicycles are more commonly used for transportation, and produce no emissions when driven. They even are healthy for the driver to use! While hybrids are a good thing, they are still a vehicle and still need electricity and gas to run. Our government's focus should be more broadly based than just one vehicle, we should be moving away from our infatuation with the automobile.

    Posted by: WackyDel
  • Unfortunately, hybrid vehicles are proving not to be as great as most people hoped they would be and thus are only a small part of the solution.

    Far too many Honda Civic Hybrids have been deemed irreparable by Honda when these cars have fewer than 35,000 miles. They have simply stopped functioning and are likely headed for the recycling bin. It is hard to accept and hard to imagine a once great company producing this car but it is certainly not helpful to the environment and most definitely not a wise use of natural resources. If a basic hybrid built for engineering rather than marketing potential can be manufactured, it might prove useful.

    Posted by: vempyrik 66
  • While climate change is a huge issue, hybrid vehicles just lessen the impact of vehicular pollution without addressing its root causes.

    Climate change is a major problem and a lot of the carbon emissions come from vehicles. However, even if these vehicles are all replaced by hybrids, this merely decreases the amount of pollution from cars. The fundamental problem is Americans drive too much without sharing vehicles. This means that the average car on the road will only have 1 or 2 occupants while public transportation such as a bus or a train could hold nearly 2 orders of magnitude more and gain the accompanying efficiency. So even if hybrids reduce emissions by 75%, this should be compared to public transportation which would reduce it by 99%

    Posted by: P3rEver
  • While transportation is a large percentage of energy usage, hybrid vehicles do not give a large enough fuel savings to justify their resource expense.

    Hybrid vehicles are promising in some ways, but the need to carry large, heavy batteries along with a gasoline engine mean that the fuel savings they give are much less that the ideal on paper. Other technologies such as advanced diesel engines can give similar fuel savings without resorting to expensive batteries that contain difficult to mine, toxic elements. A breakthrough in battery production might help here, but such a breakthrough would also make full-electric cars viable. Hybrids are a temporary technology that allows for the development of electrical propulsion systems for cars while taking advantage of the gasoline infrastructure in place, but it's doubtful they are a long term solution. The energy costs of transportation, including cars, pale in comparison to agricultural, industrial, and electrical power production in the grand scheme. A partial savings in this one particular area of greenhouse gas production will never amount to a 'major part' of any plans that have a chance of success.

    Posted by: deadlyx
  • Hybrid vehicles should not be a major part of plans to fight climate change since they have little affect on climate change.

    It is thought that hybrid vehicles can fight climate change. However, that belief is false. Even if you assume that global warming is real, the amount of carbon output produced by vehicles is a very small percentage of all the "greenhouse gases" expelled. It would be far more effective to remove all cows from the planet. The 2 things that hybrid vehicles do is save you money by lowering your gasoline bill and give you the false feeling that you are protecting the planet.

    Posted by: ElwBoardin

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