Should hydraulic fracturing be a sufficient way for the US to boost our exports of natural gas?

  • Texas has also benefited from the natural gas boom

    A decade ago, shale gas production only accounted for 2% of total U.S. output. In 2014, that figure increase to 37%, and the Information Handling Services study projects that natural gas obtained through the use of hydraulic fracturing will continue to increase to more than 75% of the domestic supply by 2035 (Haley, McCawley, Epstein, Arrington, & Ferrell, 2016). Our country is now exporting more natural gas than Russia.
    Haley, M., McCawley, M., Epstein, A. C., Arrington, B., & Ferrell Bjerke, E. (2016). Adequacy of Current State Setbacks for Directional High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing in the Marcellus, Barnett, and Niobrara Shale Plays. Environmental Health Perspectives, 124(9), 1323-1333. Doi:10.1289/ehp.1510547

  • Fracing is a boon to the economy

    Fracking allows extraction of natural resources not easily reachable. It has created an oil boom in the North Dakota economy. It has allowed the US to again become an overall exporter rather than importer of oil. It has the same benefits for natural gas as for oil. Environmental concerns have not been a major issue.

  • Arkansas earthquake problems

    I live in the state of Arkansas, and here hydraulic fracturing was used for a few years. Since they started this method here, many earthquakes have rocked the region, where earthquakes usually would not occur. Also all of the underground wells were ruined, since this act disrupted the ground water.

  • It's not good for the country

    Hydraulic fraturing is probably a way to boost the exports of natural gas for the country, but the cost is too great to find it acceptable. Hydraulic fracturing is found to contaminate the ground water with unknown chemicals, because the company sees the chemicals as something that they need to keep under a patent. We shouldn't do it.

  • It's Very Inefficient

    I do not believe hydraulic fracturing will be a sufficient way for the US to boost exports of natural gas. If anything, we really should be exporting natural gas, especially not at the cost of hydraulic fracturing. Some states have already opposed the action of hydraulic fracturing due to its dangers (earthquakes) and its use of water.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    I don't agree with hydraulic fracking. Frackers come in to people's neighborhoods and uproot their land and their peace. There is very little personal benefit, if any to the people who live in these areas and a wealth of benefit to the fracking companies. They care little about anything but their own profits. It also doesn't help things that the fracking causes earthquakes to happen in areas that traditionally never have them.

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