• Hydraulic fracking harms the environment.

    Hydraulic fracking is an environmentally detrimental way of obtaining natural gas. Fracking is a mechanical process that uses fluid pressure to release quantities of petroleum or natural gas from deep below the Earth’s surface. The toxic fluid used in this process causes severe respiratory problems and natural disasters such as earthquakes and sinkholes.

  • Hydraulic fracturing is controversial beause of risk of environmental contamination

    There least be controlled application of hydraulic fracturing to minimize pollution and the impact on the environment. It doesn't seem worth the effort on an economic level. Many people protest hydraulic fracturing, and the public must be re-assured or convinced that hydraulic fracturing is better than conventional drilling methods. Research on fracturing should be comprehensive and convincing. Vermont and New York have already taken steps to ban fracturing. It isn't a widely-accepted technique.

  • Hydraulic Fracturing Is Not Healthy

    Six hundred different chemicals are used in fracking fluid and injected into the earth. These chemicals enter the water table and poison local sources of water. Many harmful effects from drinking contaminated water have been seen in local populations, including sensory respiratory and neurological damage. The cost is not worth the end product.

  • Fracking is necessary.

    The practice of hydraulic fracturing has enabled the US to become somewhat independent from foreign fuels, which gives us a great deal of leverage in many affairs. The practice of hydraulic fracturing poses no danger to the water table, and will not cause a large earthquake. We need energy independence and fracking can provide that.

  • Let people choose not to use petroleum

    Ideally state intervention in private activity should be limited to situations where there is a direct negative impact. Does fracking have negative impact? Maybe, certainly long term, but does that offset the demand for fossil fuel? Banning hydrauling fracking would increase the price of oil, some use of fossil fuel might shift to renewables. People choosing alternatives to oil is the right way to promote a clean society - the question remains how to accomplish it.

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