• It's actually safe.

    Yes, hydraulic fracturing should expand in the United States, because it is a way that we can be energy independent. Fracturing is a good way to get energy, and it would reduce our dependency on foreign oils. It is environmentalists that have made outrageous claims that have all turned out to be unfounded.

  • Yes, I think hydraulic fracturing should expand in the US.

    I think fracking is a good benefit to the United States, it helps us reduce our dependency on foreign energy sources, it provides high paying jobs to huge amounts of people, it provides huge revenue to cities and towns through taxation and develop across the nation. I think fracking should be strongly expanded.

  • We should use all methods

    Hydraulic fracturing is not the only method that should be used for natural gas or energy production, but it certainly is one of the main, most feasible ways of doing things. People should be aware of possible environmental problems as a result, so the issue should continuously be revised and improved.

  • Hydraulic fracturing should expand in the USA.

    I think that technique and process of hydraulic fracturing should expand in the USA. I think that the process is beneficial for the United States of America. It is a technique that can help prevent too much damage to the environment and can be beneficial to a lot of industries.

  • It should contract

    We are not entirely sure of the short or long term effects of hydraulic fracturing. It is being known that it is causing mini earthquakes in Oklahoma and parts of Texas. It has also been known to contaminate the ground water where you can light it on fire. This is not a good policy to proceed with.

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