Should Hydrogen (vs. Electricity) Be the Dominant Energy in the US?

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  • No. Electricity is more pratical than hydrogen.

    No. Ideally, hydrogen would be a great source of energy. It is very plentiful, and has few negative effects on the environment. The issue with hydrogen, is that we lack a sufficient infrastructure to implement it as a practical energy source. If we can find a way to keep our infrastructure while implementing hydrogen as the source, then we can move forward; however at this time, electricity should be used as the main source of energy in the US.

  • Hydrogen Is Not Efficient Enough To Dominate

    No, hydrogen should not be the dominant energy source in the U.S because of the lack of technologies that would make it efficient. If there were ways that would allow us to use hydrogen at a cost effective rate then I would be all for it. However, at this time electricity is the best option base on cost and ease of use.

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