Should hyperbaric chambers be placed within a 5 mile radius from the ocean all around the states, to help divers that may get the bends?

Asked by: TheodoretheMan
  • I think the

    Chambers should be put all around America because people die from the bends. I would be expensive but worth it. If you don't know what hyperbaric chambers are, don't bother posting an opinion. I would especially like to hear educated doctors' ideas. ... . . . . . . .

  • Too expensive with too little benefit.

    The US has 12,000 miles of coastline, which breaks down to 2400 chambers to space them out every five miles. Who would operate these chambers? A hyperbaric chamber without a technician is just as useless as nothing at all. Every chamber would not only need a technician on hand, but at least one nurse as well.

    How much would it cost? We'll ignore the cost of procurement and installation. Assuming a $40,000/year salary for the operator (probably a low estimate) and $67,000/year salary for the nurse, it would cost $256,800,000/year to fund all these chambers. Without including maintenance work, utilities, land use agreements, etc.

    How many people die from the bends? The bends affects roughly 1,000 divers in the US annually, and an overwhelming majority make full recoveries.

    As well, this plan has the potential to kill more people than it would save by diverting valuable nurses and medical resources from hospitals. This would result in heavier workloads for the nurses left behind, increasing patient deaths from medical errors.

    In conclusion, it would be a waste to build all these hyperbaric chambers because it would cost a quarter billion dollars annually and maybe save three or four people a year, all while tying up medical resources and potentially killing people too.

  • If you want to play then you should be able to pay.

    It is the responsibility of the person engaging the risky behavior to provide a safe environment. It is a choice to engage in those activities. If you choose to engage in diving and you feel the need for a hyperbaric chamber. Then you provide it. Your sport, your money. Simple

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