• Yes we should brush our teeth.

    We should brush our teeth because then if you don't your teeth would get all rotten like moldy cheese or old dog food. Also your breath would stink and you would have no more teeth to eat with you would have dentures. You would have to have soup all the time too.

  • Of course, but make sure you use gasoline and light a match real close to your mouth.

    When will these nonsense posts stop? Who would post such nonsense?

    This has to be a child.

    What even funnier is someone actually posted about how brushing your teeth is good and proceeded in great detail about what would happen if you don't, including being reduced to a diet of soup. Too funny.

  • What the heck, yeah you should!

    First off, do you really want to get gum disease? Or have all your teeth gone by the time you are 60?

    In addition to this, people are going to want to be preeeeeetty dang distant from the guy who doesn't want to brush, and this can lead to a lot of social issues.

    Then from a money point of view, it is going to cost A LOT to get your dirty teeth to pretty whites.

  • its obvious yeah by: Mustafa Daider

    Grown-ups and dentists might tell you it’s important to brush your teeth every day because “it helps you have a nicer smile.” But why does it give you a nicer smile? What if you don’t want to show your teeth when you smile -- do you still have to brush your teeth?

    Brushing your teeth every day helps you have a nicer smile because it prevents you from getting cavities, which are kind of like small holes in your teeth! (Yikes!) Cavities happen when the bacteria in your mouth don’t get brushed away and have the chance to eat the sugar that also stays on your teeth when you haven’t brushed. When they eat the sugar, they produce acid which then can cause the cavity-holes to form!

    If you get a cavity it can be painful, and it might make it difficult to chew and eat your food. Even if the cavity isn’t hurting, the dentist will still usually need to fill it up because it can otherwise get worse. Sometimes the filling a dentist puts in can also be a bit painful before it’s finished, but do your best to remember that it’s preventing you from a lot more pain later one! Hopefully if you brush your teeth regularly you’ll be able to avoid painful cavities and you’ll have a whole lot to smile about

  • Because it is healthy.

    I think that brushing your teeth is not only the way to keep them white and clean, is the way to keep them healthy and without being damaged. Also you should take care of them by using other cleaning products so you have double reinforcement and beautiful, clean and white teeth.

  • Yes, you really should.

    If you don't, you could get numerous diseases, cavities, teeth may fall out, teeth will yellow, etc. Not only would that make you less attractive to the opposite sex, but it's also incredibly lazy not to. It's maybe 3 minutes twice a day. Not really that difficult for you to manage, unless you have some sort of handicap that makes you unable to hold up a rather light object known as a toothbrush, put this weird material called toothpaste onto it, and then stick it into your mouth and brush your teeth.

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  • Yes you should

    If you don't brush your teeth they will rot, you can die from it ,you can get diseases ,and cavities ,and they will fall out ,you should brush your teeth in the morning and night it is good for you and that's what you have to do to survive and live

  • Yes, brushing your teeth is important.

    You should brush your teeth after every meal, because if you do not brush after meals, your teeth will get moldy and you will have to end up going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned and to get cavities fixed. I know it is boring having to brush your teeth every day, but it is an important part of life.

  • Don't let them have your soul.

    The government has hired corrupt medical "professionals" to try to convince you that you need to brush your teeth because toothpaste has a chemical in it that works with your brain chemistry to help the media brainwash you. I may not be a professional but I am an expert and I have extensive evidence that this is true. Trust me, I have not brushed my teeth for over 7 years and I am the only sane person I know. Don't be corrupted by consumerism and turned into a government drone. WE ARE NOT ZOMBIES! DOWN WITH THE MAN!

  • Not on my watch!

    In World War II the NAZI's used fluoride as a drug to help sedate the Jews. Fluoride is in the TOOTHPASTE. Why should we submit to this mind control by big business when we could be free of thought and action? There are other ways to keep your teeth white. For example gargling bleach. Say NO to toothpaste and yes to BLEACH.

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BrooklynHaze says2013-04-13T23:30:31.047
Not with toothpaste every single day. You can brush your teeth without and use toothpaste a boost for whiteness but everyday will eventually contribute to mental decay. I could be wrong, but hey, it's thought that counts.
BrooklynHaze says2013-04-14T08:55:16.737
Personally I will never trust anyone with a profit motive.