• Looks Cool With Affordable Expenses!

    As a college student, I wanted to buy a car. With Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and Ford Mustang as the final choice, I begin to look again. Well, for me, Ford Mustang 2015 looks pretty cool and I only pay $370 each month for 72 months. Isn't it a great deal?

  • Do what you love

    First off, the hostility of the criticism here is entirely unwarranted and overly judgemental. "This is a stupid question," "it sounds like you're poor." This is your personal decision and happiness is worth more than money. If you are in college then you have a long life to live, but only a little bit longer to be young and expressive and passionate. Always follow your passions. While I would say that your price is fair, buying a new vehicle is usually a bit of a rip off. See if you can get a good used mustang that you really like. Try to find a good balance that satisfies your passion and your budget, you might be suprised by what you can find. If this is really what you want then go for it, my friend. You only have one life to live so you may as well be happy.

  • This will one day be a hard to find classic

    One day you will be the old man with an old classic mustang to give down to your kids and they will be driving around a expensive classic. Also be cause it is an anniversary model you want to grab it fast before you have to by it used. But you should really buy it to own and enjoy it.

  • I have no idea how much money you make:

    But it sounds like you're poor. So to that end I don't think you should do it. You have nothing to gain from "looking cool" as a college student; why not wait until you're not poor and spending everyone else's money whether directly or indirectly to buy a vehicle of prestige?

  • If you weren't in college I would say yes

    So its $370 a month for 72 months that equals $26640 dollars just think can you afford that on top of your student loans and living expenses? I;m going to guess things will be tough for you so think it through is debt for 6 years worth a single vehicle that could be destroyed in a couple of seconds

  • This is a stupid question.

    As a college student you should buy something that is reliable, for example.... NOT A SPORTS CAR. How ignorant and oblivious to your own surroundings do you need to be to think that it would be a good idea. I drove a Subaru Impreza Outback Sport in college, it was an amazing vehicle. It was reliable and did everything I ever needed. Mustangs have typically had a terrible streak of being a douchebags car. Corvettes are typically for those who want to impress someone at first sight, but when you actually talk to them, they have nothing to offer. So if you fit into one of those categories you will at least have friends like you.

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