Should I celebrate thanksgiving after learning that the holiday is based on a massacre of native Americans.

Asked by: psychohare360
  • It is a traditional thing.

    If you don`t do a traditional thing, are you an people on the USA? We have to try to prevent our things. You surely have to do Thanksgiving for the state. If you don`t to it , it is a very bad thing. Do Thanksgiving please! It is a good thing.

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving with your family

    We cannot base what we do on what has occurred in the past. You should take this time to be with your family or your friends or both and just celebrate the fact that you are all present and care for each other. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. What's not to like? It is much better than Christmas which has now become so commercialized it is no longer an enjoyable time of year.

  • The actions of others are not yours:

    How do you imagine the US and all the Modern countries of the Americas came into existence. The Americas were already inhabited, long before the settlers came, now the original inhabitants are minority's in their own lands.

    Might want to look up the American Indian wars.

    Certain aboriginal people over here in Australia, want Australia day changed to Invasion day. In most cases the land on which colonies were established was stolen from others already living their.

    The British claimed Australia was uninhabited, since the Aboriginals were nomadic and not living in permanent settlements.

    What others have done in the past our not our actions, we cannot change what has happened, all we can do is learn from what has happened and try to prevent it from being repeated ever again.

  • I fail to equate thanking God with massacring primitives with huge oil reserves.

    Thanksgiving was about thanking God for seeing them safely to Plymouth. From there, it was largely working with the Indians and attempting to civilize them.
    Did you know that there is a larger Native American population then ever before? Did you know the Indians handed us syphilis in exchange for smallpox? Did you know that the Natives had no written language, advanced farming techniques, hadn't invented the wheel, didn't have the horses traditionally associated with them, were largely subsistence farmers and hunter/gatherers, and sketchy medicine at best until contact with Europe was set up?

  • It would be like a German celebrating the Holocaust

    I wish that everyone including my family knew this so we could all protest it together. But unfortunately whether I want to or not ill be forced to eat dinner with them that night. Perhaps I should attempt to fast at least as a protest. Why did people have to be so dam violent back then! ?

  • If it conflicts with your moral intuition then no

    Falling for something you don't agree with just because it is a 'public holiday' is a form of peer-pressure. The USA is a free country that supports democracy, so surely it is deeply hypocritical to celebrate the slaughtering of native peoples, as well as completely barbaric. To those who claim thanksgiving is about being 'thankful', then yourself why you should only be thankful on one particular day when you murdered thousands of innocent people. You can be thankful any other day of the year, it is insulting to the families of those whose ancestors who died in the massacre.

  • Thanksgiving should be called thanksgenocide

    This holiday is just a way for the bussiness world to have another day to stick its nose in our bussines. This holiday would just be like celebrating the Armian genocide just because some Turks ate some beans. This is just a horrible holiday that will reiforce the killing of other people. This also reiforce the mass killings of the turkeys. The population of the turkey is decling all thanks to thanksgiving. You should maybe say thanks to thanksgiving. This is a holiday of genocides and should be stopped. I have taken a strong stance on this subject and thats why me and my family don't celebrate thanksgiving because im not trying to raise the new nazis of this world.

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