• Get cutting boy

    That thing is useless. Not required to be alive and its just dead weight in my opinion. Would be better to just get cutting. Cut it really fast and hard. Afterwards you will just have a nice hole instead of a tube. Great for aerodynamics and speed. Go for a job afterwards and you will run way faster

  • No please don't

    No please. It sounds terrible and painful too. Why cut it though? Its not useless and you'd probably bleed really hard. And it might lead to numerous problems can't it? You were born with it please don't cut it off. Also will you be able to take that horrible pain?

  • don't hurt urself

    If you cut your pp off youll bleed everywhere! Take it from me man. I got a paper cut on my pp one time a week ago and it hurt like crazy! There was blood because i had cut a vain on the part where the pp has vains. Ok.

  • No don't do that

    Why would you want to cut that part off? You were born with it so you should not be cutting it off. This is against your body. You should not be cutting important bits off willy nilly. Please do not cut it off. Tell me in a comment that you won't so I know you are safe

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